Policies & Rules

The following Club Policies  and Pool Rules have been developed to ensure that WMSC provides all its members and their guests with a safe, family friendly environment. Please familiarize yourself, your family members and your guests with each item listed below.

Club Policies

  1. No Alcoholic or Tobacco/Vape products are permitted at WMSC.
  2. WMSC members are permitted to bring in food and drink from outside the facility with the exception of scheduled dates where "Holiday Themes or Events" are planned like Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. No outside food will be permitted during these scheduled dates as food vendors / food trucks will be providing food on those days. (WMSC does make exceptions for individuals with special dietary needs.) WMSC asks its members to support these local food vendors when they are present at WMSC. Regular club restrictions always include no alcoholic beverages and any sea food or seeded/shelled items like sunflower seeds, watermelon, peanuts. 
  3. All members and their guests must register when entering the club. All guests must be pay the appropriate guest fee and remain with the member family during their visit. Failure to properly register all of your guests could result in the restriction of future guest privileges.
  4. WMSC families are asked to limit their guests to three guests per day.  Grandparents may accompany family members at no charge. Due to the Covid 19, please refer to our Covid 19 updates for guest policies at this time (Click here)
  5. All Pool Parties with 5 guests or more should be scheduled and approved in advance with the Aquatics Director. See the web site for available pavilion reservation times and other party guidelines.
  6. All children ages 9/under must be accompanied by a parent or another responsible individual who is at least 16 years of age.
  7. All childern ages 5/under using the Baby Pool are required to have assitance when using the restrooms.
  8. No Individuals with any infectious illness (skin, eyes, nose or throat) are permitted to use the pool.
  9. WMSC requests its members and their guests to use the covered pavilions or the picnic table areas when eating food items.  No food or drink is allowed in either "pool or the restrooms".  No glassware is allowed in and around the pool area. 
  10. All members and guests are to be well behaved and use appropriate language at all times. Modest swimming attire is requested and no (PDA) "Public Displays of Affection" is permitted. Members are responsible for the actions and behavior of their guests.
  11. Members and their guests shall be held responsible for any damage to furniture or facility equipment and charged for the replacement cost of such items.
  12. Radios, CD players and other music devices may be used but with ear buds or headsets.
  13. WMSC is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items belonging to any member or guest while on WMSC property.(please remember to lock your car doors)
  14. Dogs and other pets are not permitted on the WMSC grounds, whether leashed or otherwise.
  15. If a check, negotiated at WMSC should be returned from the bank, a $25 fee will apply.
  16. *West Mobile Swim Club does not give refunds for closures due to weather or acts of God.

Pool Rules

  1. No Runningpushingchasing or rough play is allowed in or around the pool area.
  2. Slide and Diving Board users must adhere to all the posted safety guidelines.
  3. No "head first" diving from the sides of any of the pools in depths of less than six feet.
  4. All non-swimmers with or without flotation devices are restricted to the shallow end of the pool and must receive direct supervision from an adult.
  5. The “Kiddy Pool” is limited to the use of non-swimmers ages 5/under. All children not completely potty trained (for 3 months +) are required to wear a "Swim Diaper". All Kiddy Pool swimmers are required to receive direct supervision from an adult.
  6. For the safety of all patrons, all children not completely “Potty Trained” (for 3 months +) must wear Swim Type Diapers to be permitted to use either pools.
  7. No recreational swimming or flotation devices are allowed in the "slide splash area" or in the "diving well area" when they are in use.
  8. All individuals playing in the volleyball SAND area are asked to please "shower off poolside" before reentering either of the pools.
  9. All functions and activities at WMSC will be under the direct supervision and discretion of the Aquatics Director or the Head Life Guard.

Please note: The lifeguards are directed to enforce all the above rules. Any repeated violations by members or their guests may result in temporary suspension from the pool usage or possible membership expulsion from the club. Please cooperate with the lifeguards and all the WMSC staff as they are here to protect and serve all WMSC members and their guests.

Big Slide Rules

  1. All users must be capable swimmers (able to swim 15 yards unassisted). No flotation devices allowed.
  2. Minimum age is 5 years old or a height is 44 inches tall.
  3. Only one person is allowed to enter up into the "Top Tower Area" at a time.
  4. Users are to start only after "Splash Area" is clear.                                                        
  5. All users must slide feet first.
  6. No spinningtumblingkneelingstanding or "stopping" while riding in the slide flume.
  7. No floats, toys, jewelry, medal zippers on clothing are allowed.
  8. No recreational swimming in the "Splash Area". All users must promptly exit the splash area after sliding.
  9. Maximum weight is 280 lbs.
  10. Not recommended for pregnant women or individuals with back/neck problems.

*Failure to follow pool slide rules could result in injury and your restriction from slide usage.