COVID-19 Update

John Moen

“Covid 19" precautions WMSC has implemented for your safety.

Our Staff:  (1.)All staff members will be screened daily with temperature checks as they arrive. (2.) Hand sanitizer is being provided for every employee work situation that common touching of surfaces is required. (3.) Sign in employees will keep the window only partially opened as a barrier when communicating with customers.(4.) Snack Bar workers will wear face masks and gloves when handling non-prepackaged foods.

Our Facility: (5.) We have, and will continue to increase our sanitation of all tables and surfaces.  The entire facility including tables, chairs, lounge chairs, and decks, have already been power washed with a chlorine solution.  Our roaming lifeguards will be continually roaming the facility to disinfect all areas, especially tables as people leave them.  (6.) All tables are placed 6 ft. apart.  (7.) We ask that when you sit in the lounge chairs along the deck, that you always place a towel down first.  We also ask that you leave one chair space between the group you are with and the next individual/group.  (8.) Our shower facilities will not be available for use at this time. 

Our Policies:    (9.) We will limiting member guests to two per visit. (10.) We will not be accepting any cash transactions at the snack bar. This will require all members who would like to make a credit card purchase at the Snack Bar to obtain Snack Bar Card (for $20 / $20.60 with surcharge). Purchases will be invoiced and charged to your account.  This will require you to have a debit or charge card on file. (11.) We are now using single, individual packets of condiments for hot dog/hamburgers.  (12.) We have reduced our 2020 membership capacity. 

Our Members:  (13.) We specifically ask that if you or any of your family members have had a fever or have not been feeling well, that you do not come until you are certain that you are not sick with COVID 19 or any other sickness and have been fever free for 24 hours. 

These precautions have been updated on June 1

Beginning June 1 we will again offer Member Parties at the 10:30-1:00 and 6:00-8:30 hours on weekdays only. Private Parties are not available at this time.