Payment Options

Option #1: 10-Month Payment Plan:
If you register in the month of October, you may participate in this payment option.    Credit card payment is the only payment method accepted for this plan.  You will be charged at the time of registration either $60 for a Returning Club Membership or $42 for a Gold Club Membership (plus 3% cc processing fee).  The additional 9 payments will be billed from January 1st to September 1st. (Note) All "New" Family Club Member's $90 Registration Fees will be waived for this payment plan when you join in the month of October.

Option #2: Equal Monthly Payment Plan:
You may register any time between January1st and May 1st, 2018 to participate in this payment option. This option bills for the months of January 1st through June 1st.  Credit card payments or check payments are both payment methods accepted for this plan.  Your payments will be equally spread out on a monthly basis depending on what month you register.  For example: if you register in January there will be six months between Jan 1st and June 1st to pay your dues so your monthly payments for a Returning Club Member would be $100 each or $70 each for a Gold Club Membership.  If you register in May; however, you would only have two monthly payments remaining so your payments either be $300 each for Returning Club Members or $210 each for Gold Club Members.  If you choose send check payments by mail, your payments must be up-to-date by opening day.  Note:  New Members will have a $90 new-member registration fee added and equally distributed in their payments. 

Option #3: Full Payment:
If you register after the month of May, you only have the option of Full Payment at the time of registration.

*All check payments are mailed to:

9523 McRae Drive S
Mobile, AL 36695

Please Note: We do NOT have mail receiving capabilities at the WMSC's physical location on Snow Road.

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