WMSC Pool Member

"Swim Party"



Member Swim Parties can only be scheduled by Current WMSC "POOL" Members.

*WMSC does not offer Swim Parties for "Non-Swimming children of any age".

The Baby Pool is not available for use by Member Party participants.

*Members who schedule parties must be present during the entirety of your party's designated time.

Member Parties are limited to 20 "total swimmers". (member or non-members combined)
Member Party day/times starting are:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays

(10:30am - 1:00pm) (2:00pm - 4:30pm) (6:00pm - 8:30pm)

No Pool Parties are available on Sundays.

(Pool CLOSED Thursday)

All party guests must enter through the main entrance and be registered at the sign in window. A maximum of 20 swimmers is allowed. This includes both pool member and/or non-member invitees.The discounted guest fee of $4.00 per person is required for all non members who swim and also for individuals who accompany their children poolside.  Party guest fees are not required for WMSC Pool Members or non-swimming individuals who remain in the pavilion area. The Party Pavilion is designed to seat approximately 20 individuals. Payment for your non-member guests will be done at the conclusion of your party.

All Pool Member Parties will be held under the "Party Pavilion" near the beach volleyball court.

Because of the limited capacity of the Baby Pool, party guests are not allowed to use the Baby Pool.

*An additional $25 fee for an extra lifeguard will apply for the 6:00pm-8:30pm party slot when an additional guard is required.

*Party givers can bring their own food & drinks to the party.* No alcohol, tobacco or seafood products.  WMSC is unable to store or refrigerate your party food items and cannot provide ice.

*Party givers may begin Pre-Party set up 20 minutes before your scheduled party time and you may use the side entrance to bring in your party items. All guests must enter and sign in through the Main Entrance.

Pool Member Parties are limited to their designated two and one half hour maximum time period. Once completed, all non-member guests are to be dismissed and are to exit the facility. (*Non-Pool Member Party guests are not allowed to stay and continue swimming after the party has concluded) Party givers are asked to remove all party items, exit from the Pavilion area and make the guest fee payment at the sign in window within 20 minutes of the designed party ending time. 

*All Member Pool Parties must be scheduled in advance through the Aquatics Director. Please state that you are requesting a "Member Party" when emailing [email protected] Member Parties can be scheduled in person during the summer months in the Pool Office.