WMSC Member "Private Party" Information

1355 Snow Road South, Mobile, AL 36695 // 251-232-0306

We are sorry but due to the ongoing Covid 19 concerns we are no longer hosting Private Parties this summer.

WMSC member "Private Party" Packages can only be reserved by Current WMSC Pool Members.  It entitles current pool members to two full hours of the usage of the entire facility.  Up to four certified life guards are provided for the safety and supervision for your party guests. *Members who schedule Private Parties must be present during the entirety of your party's designated time. Private Parties time slots are available on Sunday evenings starting at 6:30pm and select Tuesdays. (Additional weekday afternoon dates are available in the month of May, mid-August and early September.)

Package #1 - A two hour party. It includes up to 50 guests and three certified Life Guards costs $300

  • Party givers will have access for set up until 15 minutes before the scheduled Party’s starting time. (On Sunday’s that is 6:15) All food and decorations must be brought in through the “Side Party Entrance Gate”. (Not the Main Entrance.) All food, decorations and other party items will be restricted to the Party Pavilion area near the volleyball court and/or Covered Pavilion near the rest rooms. Food, decorations and other party items are not permitted under the Large Pavilion area near the Big Slide. Early arrivals must wait near the “Side Party Area Gate” and not at the Main Entrance.
  • $50 deposit is required and must be received within 7 days of the party booking to hold your reservation. The $50 deposit is refunded as you leave when the stated Party Dismissal Guidelines below are correctly completed.
  • Your Full "$300.00 Party Package" Fee is due when you arrive for your party set up. (Please see a staff member upon arrival for payment)
  • Party Set Up Guidelines - Party givers are allowed to begin set up (no sooner than) 15 minutes before the agreed scheduled party starting time on Sunday evenings (6:15).  Decorations must be limited and must be able to be set up and removed within the 15 minutes of the scheduled party starting time and ending time.
  • Party Dismissal Guidelines - Party givers are required to have ended their party, dismissed their guests and removed all food, decorations and other party items from the pool and party area within 15 minutes after the agreed scheduled party ending time. Failure to correctly follow dismissal guidelines will forfeit your $50 deposit and would keep you from being able to schedule future parties.

*An additional fee of $5 for each additional swimming over the allotted amount is required and is payable upon entrance. A maximum of 75 swimming guests (Package #1)

*A maximum of 3 hours can be accommodated and all parties must be completed by 10:00pm.

**A WMSC staff member will conduct a brief “Pool Party Safety Overview” at the beginning of your party. Swimmers are not allowed to enter the pool until the “Pool Party Safety Overview” has been completed.

*Party givers can bring in their own food but are NOT permitted to bring any type alcoholtobaccoseafood products as well as any seeded/shelled items such as watermelon or popcorn / peanuts / sunflower seeds. 

*Party givers are permitted to provide their own music system or D.J. The music level must be kept at a reasonable level and music content cannot contain any profanity.

*Please note that WMSC cannot store food or party items and does not provide ice.

*Party Givers and their guests shall be held responsible for any damage to furniture or facility equipment and charged for the replacement cost of such items.

*WMSC is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items belonging to any member
or guest while on WMSC property.


  • Deposit refunds are given for total rain outs or any cancellations communicated to WMSC within 7 days of the scheduled party. Parties shortened because of inclement weather conditions will be prorated at $75/one half hour(Package #1).The prorated fees are based on the arrival and exiting times of party guests from the facility. Parties must be scheduled at least one week in advance.

To make a Private Party reservation:

  1. First, all party givers are required to download, read and agree to the WMSC Pool Party guidelines above and "Rules" before booking your party. (Click here to view "Rules")
  2. Second, you will need to check the availability of your desired Private Party date by contacting Brian Evans at brian@westmobileswimclub.com  Please be sure to indicate in your email that you are requesting "Private Party" date.
  3. Third, once the availability of your desired date has been confirmed by Brian, it will be placed on the party calendar. Download the "Private Party "Reservation Form" and mail it with your $50 deposit to: (Please note that the mailing address is NOT the pool's physical address on Snow Road.)

Mail to:

WMSC Pool Party 
9523 McRae Dr. S.
Mobile, AL 36695

(Deposits must be received within seven days to hold your reservation.)

*Beginning May 23, party deposits can be mail at the Pool Office. (Checks payable to WMSC.)

*Party givers assume financial responsibility for any extended length of stay beyond stated guidelines at $50 /30 minutes and for any damages that may occur to WMSC property during their scheduled party time.

*A minimum of three Certified Life Guards will be on duty for all parties.  A brief safety overview by a WMSC staff member is required before swimmers may enter the pool.