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Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) is an internationally recognized system of aquatic survival instruction for infants and young children. The program focuses on educating parents and children about aquatic survival and safety issues. 

ISR is the product of 50 years of research and development by Dr. Harvey Barnett. More than 260,000 infants and young children have gone through our program with more than 7,750,000 safe and effective lessons and saved more than 800 lives. 

ISR Instructors are the most highly trained and qualified instructors in any swimming program in the country and must undergo strict re- certification testing annually. Each instructor is academically trained and tested in areas such as child psychology, physiology, anatomy and behavioral science to provide the safest lesson possible for your child. In addition, each instructor spends a minimum of 60 hours hands on, supervised in-water training working with actual students. 

Please visit the official ISR website at www.infantswim.com to learn more about ISR, the most comprehensive drowning prevention program in the world. 

What your child will learn:

  • Children from 6 months to 12 months will learn how to hold their breath underwater, roll onto their back and float unassisted until someone rescues them. 
  • A child over the age of 1 year will learn how to hold their breath underwater, swim head down, roll onto their back to float, rest and breathe; then roll back over to resume swimming until they reach the side of the pool and crawl out. This is called the ISR swim-float- swim sequence. All children will learn how to perform the skills in different types of clothes. Upon completion of the ISR program, your child will have the survival skills necessary to save himself along with the enjoyment of recreational swimming. 

Class Structure:

  • Your child’s classes are 5 days a week, Monday – Friday. Each class will be approximately 10 minutes long with just one child and their instructor in the water. Much is accomplished in a short but very intense private lesson. Your child will have the same 10 - minute time slot each day. You can expect your child to be skilled in an average of 6 weeks. 

Lesson Fees & Time Slots:
Time slots are reserved through your instructor’s scheduling link. Deposit is required to secure your time slot and will be credited toward your total session fee. THIS FEE IS NON REFUNDABLE. Verification and ISR registration link will be provided upon completion of this process. **ISR Registration is separate from Instructor’s teaching fees. 

Weekly Fee: $85, weekly payments are invoiced through the scheduler.  

***Lesson fees are due in Friday prior to the following week. 

***Cash, personal check or credit/debit cards via PayPal are accepted (3% fee added for electronic payments). Please make lesson fees payable to Lauren Bergoon. 

***Once you have booked a time slot please understand that you are responsible for the weekly fee starting the day you are scheduled through the 6 weeks or date discussed. Due to my heavy student load, there are NO MAKEUP DAYS. Credits given due to instructor cancellation will be credited at the end of lessons. Please email me if you have any questions. 

National Registration:
There is a one-time ISR national registration fee of $105.00 for each new student. This can be paid online via PayPal, through our individual registration link. Your registration fee covers the cost of screening procedures for physical and developmental readiness of your child by our team of medical professionals. You will also receive a code with approved registration; this code is used at www.isrstore.com and is worth $15. You will also be given the choice of whether you would like an electronic version of our Parent Resource Book or a hard copy mailed to you. This book will help to answer many questions you may have. 

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