Here are some of the best reasons for why you should participate in a swim meet!

  1. They are fun! -- swim meets are a wonderful change to make friends and have a great time together
  2. Incredible learning environments -- meets provide exposure for your swimmer to observe and learn more about the sport
  3. Builds community -- they are a very important step in building team unity and community (for swimmers and parents alike)
  4. Empowers the swimmers -- swimmers develop confidence by walking to the blocks and racing for themselves.  They get to be proud of what they are accomplishing!
  5. Develops resilience and responsibility -- swimmers learn to move past mistakes and mediocre races to improve upon themselves and their technique.  They have to opportunity to develop upon their own races
  6. Finds courage -- racing on their own requires swimmers to find courage in themselves that they can swim to their best ability
  7. Show improvement -- racing is one of the best ways to showcase the swimmers' technical and speed improvements that they have worked so hard for at practice
  8. Assess their own abilities -- not only do meets show improvement to parents and coaches, but they also give the swimmer the opportunity to be proud of their own achievements and improvements
  9. Achieve goals -- our swimmers set goals for themselves and the team at the beginning of our seasons.  What better way to achieve them than racing?
  10. It's a team experience -- old and new swimmers alike all participate in swim meets!  We support each other to make them be the most successful they can be!

We hope to see your SSST swimmer join in on the fun!