Swimmers are expected to follow the Code of Conduct and will be held to the standards of the discipline policy listed below. 

Swimmer Behavior Expectations:

Swimmers are expected to be focused at all times during practice to ensure the best practice possible for the individual as well as the Team. Foul language, negative attitudes and comments, and especially the word “can’t” will not be tolerated during practice. During times when the coach is giving verbal direction swimmers will not talk or until the coach is finished or he/she has asked for questions. 


Inappropriate behavior would include , but no limited to the following:

  • Speaking when coaches are speaking
  • Not listening to or disobeying the requests or instructions from coaches
  • Disruptive behavior including head under the water, or splashing that interferes with practice or the safety of another swimmer
  • Failing to respect others privacy
  • Failing to respect all area of the facility at OTHS and meet locations


Discipline Policy-5 step process.

  1. The swimmer will be given a verbal warning.
  2. The swimmer will be asked to sit on the side of the pool. After a discussion the swimmer may be allowed to return to the pool. 
  3. The swimmer will be asked to leave practice and will not be allowed to return to the pool until a meeting is held with the swimmer, parent and coach(s). 
  4. If a swimmer must be removed from practice a second time, that swimmer will be suspended from practice for 7 days. A meeting will be set up with parent, swimmer, coaches and aquatics director to discuss discipline problems and how to curb the behavior. The swimmer will be put on probation for current and subsequent swim sessions. 
  5. If a swimmer is removed from practice for a third time this will be the swimmer’s final time. The swimmer will be asked to leave the team and not allowed back. No monetary refund will be given at any time.