Parent Info Links & APPS

Click on the links below to learn how to be a more supportive and effective parent for your swimmer!

Swim Parent Commandments

Advice from kids on being a supportive parent for your swimmer

Helping your swimmer handle the natural ups and downs of athletic performance


Next, there are a few very useful apps for parents to have available, especially during meets.  They will allow you to access your swimmer's meet events, results, records, etc.

Meet Mobile:

This app lets you view your swimmers heat and lane assignments and race results at many of the swim meets we attend—they are all updated in real-time. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT APP TO GET.

OnDeck Parent:

Allows for viewing child’s best times and comparing them to local and national time standards, viewing news to your team's web site and viewing and signing up for jobs and all events on the team.  OnDeck integrates and wirelessly updates. All OnDeck products are included for Free.  It also will link up with our TeamUnify website.

Click here to access OnDeck help and training to get started today

DeckPass Plus:

The official USA Swimming app. This is a great app for our swimmers. You can track all of your swimmers times in all their events, get up to date meet information right on your phone, swimmers can earn badges for their accomplishments and connect with other swimmers on your team.