Lesson signup instructions

Follow the instructions on the screen for how to register. Make sure you log in to the system prior to lesson signup to make sure you have access. If you have any questions please email the Web Manager

Select the Level and time slot that you need (you can also click on the Instructors tab and register there). Once you’ve selected the green “Register” button for your session, follow the prompts. 

  • You will see a list of the members in your account > Select the child for the session you chose.
    If your child is not already in the system, click the "+ Add New" tab > Enter your child's info (first name, last name, gender, date of birth).

  • If you only have one child to register for lessons simply click the “Pay by Check”* button to finish your registration. 

  • If you have additional children to sign up, click on the “Continue Search for Additional Classes” button. This will take you back to the Lessons web page where you will choose the other session you need, just click on the register button and continue the process as noted above. You will do this for each additional child you wish to sign up.

  • Once you have selected all of your sessions, simply click the “Pay by Check”* button to finish your registration. 

  • Once you have registered you will receive a confirmation email. 

*You do not need to pay, as lessons are included in your summer membership fee, it’s just how this particular system works. 

QUESTIONS? Please call West Side Swim Club at 608.273.1955.