2023 Season Information

Westminster Swim Team WST

2023 Season Information

Coaching staff

  • Head coach:  Michael Brant
  • Lesson Coordinator:  Wendy Schneider
  • Assistant Coach: Laura Midkiff
  • We will be announcing the rest of our coaching staff as we get closer to the season


  • Dates:
    • 2022 season families:  March 1st
    • All other families:  March 15th
  • Prices
  • 2022 families who register between March 1 and March 14th at 8pm
    • $150 for the first swimmer
    • $135 for the second swimmer
    • $127.50 for the third swimmer
    • $120 for the fourth swimmer
  • All other families and families registering on March 15th or after:
    • $160 for the first swimmer
    • $144 for the second swimmer
    • $136 for the third swimmer
    • $128 for the fourth swimmer


  • Refund Policy:  all refunds are subject to a $10 admission fee

Pool Membership Information

  • Annual Membership Rates (May 2023-September 2023)
    • City Resident Family: $300
    • Non-Resident Family: $390


  • Purchase your Family or Individual Membership before March 31, 2023, and receive a 15% discount (discount ONLY applies to Family and Individual Memberships).Call 410-751-5501 to purchase or renew your membership. 

*** Per CMSL rules, all swim team members are required to have a family membership**

Important dates

  • Meet the Coaches Night:                                May 23rd
  • First day of practice:                                       May 30th
  • Time Trials:                                                     June 17th
  • First Meet:                                                      June 24th
  • Second Meet:                                                 July 1st
  • Third Meet:                                                     July 8th
  • Forth meet:                                                     July 15th
  • Carroll County Invitational (CCI)                    July 19th
  • Fifth meet:                                                      July 22nd
  • Straehle:                                                          July 26th
  • Jr. Champs:                                                     July 27th
  • Divisionals:                                                     July 29th

Practice schedule:

  • May 30th until the end of school
    • 10 and under 5:30-6:15pm
    • 11 and over 6:15-7:30pm
  • The rest of the season
    • AM practice:
      • Mini-Stingrays: 8:50-9:20am
      • 11 and over: 9:30-10:45am
      • 10 and under: 11-11:45am
    • PM practice:
      • 10 and under: 7-7:45pm
      • 11 and over: 7-8:15 pm
      • Mini-Stingrays: 7:45-8:15pm

****PM practice is limited to 24 swimmers****




In order to provide the safest and best experience for our swimmers, the Mini-Stingray group will be practicing from 8:45-9:15 am or 7:45pm-815pm in the deep well during our swim lesson program. Please be aware that eligible Mini-Stingrays must:

  • Have some prior swimming experience (lessons etc)
  • Be at least 5 years old
  • Be comfortable swimming in deep water unassisted as this group practices in the deep well
  • Be able to swim at least 15 meters unassisted

 The goal of this program is to have all members of the Mini-Stingrays entered into a meet by the end of the season.


Please be advised new this season the Mini Stingrays will not move to regular practice.  Once the swimmer can complete a full length of the pool, they will be invited to participate in the swim meet but will continue at the same practice time.

If, during the first practice, a child does not meet the minimum requirements for the Mini-Stingrays, the family will be offered the opportunity to sign up for two swim lesson sessions or be eligible for a refund of the $150/160 swim team fee.  Refunds are not available for the cost of the AAU Membership or the Westminster Pool Season Pass.  The Mini-Stingrays group will be limited to 8 swimmers.

Team Suits:

We will be using the TYR Hexa in navy/gold for girls and the Hexa Curved Jammer in navy/gold for boys


Please note that team suits are completely optional.  While we will be having Cy’s swim shop come out to Meet the Coaches Night to do swim suit fittings, suits can be purchased from the vendor of your choosing.


Personalized cap orders:

Personalized caps (with swimmers’ names on them) will be available for order through the registration system until 5/31.  If you miss this option during registration and want a personalized cap please email [email protected]


Swim Lesson Program:

Our swim lesson program will be returning this season.  This program provides significant funding to the team and allows us to keep swim team registration fees affordable.  Please spread the word about our lesson program.  Interested families can find information on lessons on our website and can email us at [email protected]


Information on lesson instructors and lesson helpers will be forthcoming once registration is underway.


Volunteer Policy Update:

Although our policy is unchanged from our recent seasons, we have updated the policy to provide clarification on common issues encountered during our recent seasons.  The policy must be signed during registration in order to complete registration.  The policy is also available in an attachment to this email as well as on the website under “parent information”.

Please remember that it is our goals are to: have all the jobs filled, have all families participate and to not have to penalize anybody.


Volunteer positions

Reminder that we are looking to fill our Concession Stand coordinator and Fundraising coordinator positions.  If you are interested in filling these roles please email [email protected] for information.  Completing these roles will earn you volunteer points as follows:

  • Concession stand coordinator:  All volunteer points except Straehle if your swimmer participates
  • Fundraiser coordinator: one volunteer point for successful completion of each fundraiser.