Swim Team News...

West Howard Swim Coach

Hello all,

We are off and running.  Three weeks into it and starting our fourth week.  Hard to believe how quickly this is going this year.  I wanted to let you all know how PROUD I am of all of the swimmers this past weekend.  Give them a high five.  They worked so hard!  Congratulations to all.

When we started three weeks ago, we had several swimmers that couldn't swim at all.  On Saturday, we only had two assisted swimmers.  The good news, both of those swimmers did not need actual assistance in one of the two events.  They made it down the pool without anyone helping them.  This week all swimmers should be swimming without any assistance which is really exciting.  Keep up the hard work!  It always amazes me how fast swimmers pick up how to swim.  All of the swimmers work so hard and I love to see the smiles on their faces when they know they have completed their swims.  It is such fun!  I am looking to watch the growth of each of these new swimmers.  It is amazing so far.

All of the new team members are doing well.  I am impressed with how far they have all come in three weeks.  They continue to show up with a smile, a great attitude and the will to learn more.  Watch their faces ligth up when they have completed the swim.  Watch them build confidence in themselves.  Watch them fix what didn't go right this time, the next time they swim.  It is just amazing.  Can't wait to see how it unfolds the rest of the season.

To my old team members - thank you for welcoming the new team members.  To my junior coaches, thank you for making it a happy time for so many of the new and old swimmers.  You are all doing a great job and I appreciate you.  Keep up the hard work.  I loved hearing you cheer and give the new swimmers the confidence they needed.  You guys rock it!   

To my swimmers that have come back again this year, you don't even look like you have left the pool.  Your strokes look good, you still smile and most of all, you still try your hardest each and every day.  Thank you.  I am looking forward to watching the rest of your season.

What we need:  I need the parents to please volunteer.  John and the swim committee can certainly help you learn the jobs. 

Must have:  I need you to please sign up (commit) to the meets on time.  I do understand that swimmers get sick before a meet and can't participate but I need to know that prior to the meet starting so, I can possibly place another swimmer in the event. Please email me at [email protected]  As you saw this past weekend, we check in swimmers as they are walking in.  Please have your swimmer(s) locate coach Jody or Coach Joanne to check in.

What you can do to help your swimmer(s)?.  1.  Remind them not to stand up on the bottom of the pool until their hand or head has touched the wall on the end of the pool.  2.  Tell your swimmer(s) to stay on their backs for the entire length of the pool.  They must touch the wall while being on their back.  If they rollover on their stomachs, stand up, before they have touched, they will get DQ'd.  Please remind your swimmers to always touch with two hands during breaststroke and butterfly.  The hands must be placed at the same level and cannot be one above the other. Please remind your swimmer(s) they must stay in the pool until the last swimmer has touched the wall.  I also encourage you to have your swimmer(s) congratulate the other lanes.  Shake their hand, tell them congratulations etc.  Please ensure your swimmers are up and ready to be seeded by the clerk of course.  For example if your swimmer is scheduled to swim the 50 Free, please have them walking up to the clerk of course area when the 100 IM's are swimming.  I do not want to be yelling for the swimmers.  If we cannot locate a swimmer and they miss there event, that is a life lesson for them to learn.  I will see if they can swim in an  other heat but more often than not this cannot be accomplished.  Please ensure your swimmer is ready and on time to their event.  

Events are as follows:  IM Relay, 100 IMs, Freestyle, BackStroke, Butterfly and Breaststroke, Free Relays.  I need help from parents with getting the younger swimmers together for their relays.  I would like a 6 and under, 8 and under and 9/10 relay team leader.  You will need to ensure all swimmers are at the pool and lined up correctly.  Secondly, if your swimmer is scheduled for a relay, please do not leave the meet.  if you have to leave early, please let us know that when signing up for the meet.  This will allow me to determine who can swim in the place of your swimmer.  I cannot change the lineup once we have given it to the hosting team.  

Finally, this team has always stepped up to the plate for all of our meets.  We are a team that is kind, considerate, great sportswomen and sportsmen and respectful.  We are a team that strives to do their best in every event.  We are strong and mighty.  Let's continue to smile, be kind to one another.  Cheer for the swimmers, their friends and their competitors.  Everyone is a winner one way or another.  They may win their heat or they may make it down the pool with a new stroke.  Either way, they have won something.  

Friday, June 25, 2021 - please bring your swimmers 15 minutes early so, they can make the banners for Saturday's swim meet.  

Thank you, Go Wahoos!

Coach Jody, Coach Joanne and the Junior Coaching staff.