May 8th COVID Update

Susan Buchman
Dear CSC Members:  
We hope everyone is doing well.  While there is still much uncertainty about the summer with the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to provide to you our current plan for the CSC pool season.  The first and most important message we wanted to relate is that, barring any major setbacks, we do plan to open and have a summer pool season.  However, it will look a little different from past CSC seasons, at least to start.  Here is the current plan:  
1.    SEASON OPENING:  We are targeting June 13 as the opening day.  Given the current status of Allegheny County, our traditional opening on Memorial Day weekend is likely not possible.  However, in consultation with our management company and other pools, we believe that June 13 is a realistic target opening date at this time. 
2.    MEMBERSHIP DUES:  Given our plan to open in mid-June, we are holding the due date for membership dues at May 15.  We need time to process our dues and understand our full financial picture as we plan for opening.  As we mentioned previously, to account for a shortened season, we plan to issue a credit on next year's dues.  However, we will not know the amount of the credit until we calculate the adjustments to our opening and operating costs.  
3.    MEMBERSHIP "PAUSE":  In consideration of the both the health and financial difficulties some members may be facing at this time, we are offering members a one-time option to "pause" their membership.  Be electing to "pause" membership, you can choose not to pay dues this year, while maintaining your bond and the ability to return next season.  If you pause membership, you cannot use the pool this year, even as a guest (addressed below).  Further, if at some point during the season, all available bonds have been sold and we have applicants waiting for open slots, you will have the option to pay your dues at that time or forfeit your bond for prospective members.  While we want to accommodate those members who for various reasons need to take a season off, we cannot allow open spots to go unused if we have applicants waiting to join.  Finally, if you elect to pause membership, you MUST notify the Membership Coordinator at   [email protected] before May 15.  If we do not receive notice of pause or payment before May 15, we will assume that you want to terminate your membership and the bond will be available for resale.  If you have already paid your dues and would like to elect to pause membership, please notify us before May 15 and we will refund your dues this year.  Given the additional administrative processing required, we ask for your patience as we implement this option.  
4.    TRADITIONAL PARTIES POSTPONED:  For the time being, in an effort to comply with social distancing guidance, we will not be hosting our traditional parties (opening weekend, July 4th, pig roast, Labor Day, etc.).  Further, any pavilion rentals will be limited in the number of people permitted (to be determined by the then-current guidance).  
5.    TEMPORARY RESTRICTION ON GUESTS:  While this is a difficult decision, at least to start the season we need to limit pool access to members only.  At this point, we do not know what occupancy restrictions may be in place at the pool.  Until we have more firm guidance on how many people can be in the pool and on the pool grounds at any one time, we need to avoid situations in which large numbers of guests may impact the ability of members to use the pool. 
6.    MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PEOPLE:  Right now, we don't know what, if any, limitations may be placed on the number of people that can be at the pool at any time.  If we do need to operate under some type of restriction, we have been exploring various options, including use of a sign-up process for certain time slots.  While we hope that we do not need to implement a system like this (and that appropriate social distancing will be adequate), we have been investigating options in the event this is required.   
7.    SWIM TEAM :  As of now, swim team has not been formally cancelled, so the status of the swim team season is uncertain.  If swim season ultimately goes forward, we will adjust the schedule at that time.  However, right now, we do not expect swim team to happen this season.  
8.    SWIM LESSONS:  For the time being, we are not scheduling any swim lessons. As the season gets underway, we will evaluate whether swim lessons can be safely and efficiently offered for this season.  
9.    SENIORS ONLY TIME:  In consideration of our senior members and other members who have health vulnerabilities, we plan to set aside several time slots each week restricted for use by those individuals who are not in a position to enjoy the pool during open hours.  We are still working out the schedule and will communicate additional details as we get closer to opening.
10.    SOCIAL DISTANCING AND CLEANING:  We are going to reconfigure the layout of the furniture to remove approximately half of the poolside tables (to maintain greater distance between tables), spread lawn chairs back across the lawn and away from the pool, and spread picnic tables out across the pool grounds.  The snack bar will take additional precautions appropriate for food service.  We will also be implementing additional cleaning protocols.   
11.    SOCIAL ACTIVITIES:  Finally, since our normal social activities are going to be curtailed for the time being, we welcome any ideas for events or activities that can safely be held in the current environment.  Some options we are considering include tennis, pickle ball, bocce, and other lawn game leagues that can be played with small groups of people and spread out over multiple days.  If you have any other ideas, please let us know.  
While the above restrictions are not ideal, we are committed to providing an opportunity for a fun pool season consistent with the appropriate safety precautions.  Since many other traditional summer activities this year may be limited or cancelled altogether (summer camps, vacations, sports, etc.), we want the pool to be a place that members can still come and enjoy the summer.  We are fortunate to have a clean pool and a large, open space that is well-suited for the current environment.  We will continually evaluate these restrictions and the applicable public health guidance throughout the summer.  If and when these restrictions can be lifted, we intend to return the pool to its normal operations as soon as possible.  In the meantime, even if it is a little different, we are hopeful that we can still have a great summer at CSC.  
Best wishes and hope to see you soon.  
CSC Board