Summer 2020 Group Tennis Lessons


We are happy to welcome back Tennis Pro Tracy Biondi. Tracy is a tennis coach at Shadyside Academy Middle School and a CSC stalwart. Those who have taken his lessons in the past are used to a drop-in system, but this year we will be requiring weekly pre-registration.


Operations will be compliant with CDC and PA Rec and Park Society guidelines for summer camps and tennis operations. Our full safety policy will be available as part of the registration process, and posted in the CSC office.    

  • A session will run for one week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (no Tuesdays or Thursdays)
  • The cost is $45 per player per week. There will be multi-week and sibling discounts available.
  • There will be two time slots per week, with max of 6 students per time slot:
    (a) 9:15 am to 10:30 am
    (b) 10:45 am to noon (this session is timed so that a child can transition from swim camp to tennis) 
  • Ages 7 to 15 as of June 1st
  • In a given week, one slot will be for beginners and the other will be intermediate/advanced players; the timing of the two skill levels will swap week to week
  • Kids are welcome to register for multiple weeks, and there will be multi-week and sibling discounts available.
  • A child is welcome to take both swim team camp and the later tennis session in the same week.
  • No rackets will be provided -- please see the Racket Sports page for guidance on inexpensive and appropriately-sized rackets. Balls and all other equipment will be provided by CSC.
  • Players should bring their own water bottle. 
  • No one (parents, siblings, or others players) will be allowed inside the court fence while lessons are happening.
  • Tracy is also available for private lessons.




Pickleball Beginner Learn-to-Play Clinic

This 1.5 hour beginner clinic will focus on how to play pickleball including the rules, serve, return of serve, dinking, and playing points.

For $30, you reserve the whole court, and can bring between 2 to 4 people in your family or "pod"!

Instructor Kathy Demetri will teach your family the basics of pickleball. Kathy is a local Fox Chapel resident and CSC member who loves pickleball. She is Professional Pickleball Registry (PPR)-certified instructor, a Level 4.0 USAPA tournament player, and serves as a United States Pickleball Association (USAPA) Ambassador for the Fox Chapel area. Sanitized paddles and balls will be provided.


  • Monday, July 13, 7 - 8:30 pm
  • Wed, July 15, 7 - 8:30 pm
  • Saturday, July 18, 9 - 10:30 am


Pickleball Ladder League

The ladder does not include instruction. We welcome all levels, presuming that the player can keep score, follow the rules without needing coaching, and land their serve at least 75% of the time.

How does it work?
  • We begin in week 1 with an initial seeding of the 15 players into three fivesomes - Court 1 (highest), Court 2, and Court 3
  • Within each fivesome:
    • The players play round robin during the 1.5 hour time slot -- five 11-point games, each player has one bye
    • Each player's cumulative score from their four games this week (not past weeks) are used to rank people within their five-some
    • The top two players that week move up a court for next week, and the bottom two move down a court
    • Repeat it all the following week
  • If games finish early, players can stay after their games to engage in open play 
  • You will be able to view the rankings online via a shared Google Spreadsheet
  • If you need to miss a week, that is fine -- fivesomes become foursomes that week
Our ball will be the yelllow outdoor Onix Fuse (provided by CSC)
COVID-19 2020 changes
  • We will follow all relevant local and federal health requirements, as well as the USA Pickleball Association Return to Play Guidelines (no shared equipment, avoid high-fives, social distance between games, etc.)
  • Players will sanitize upon arrival and between every game
  • Players will answer health screening questions upon arrival every week
  • Balls will be sanitized between weeks

Pickleball Open Play

Starting on Monday, August 10th, the pickleball courts will be reserved members-only “open” pickleball from 7 pm to 9 pm. Open play allows you to show up and play without having to arrange a foursome; no sign up necessary. No instruction or equipment is included and participants are expected to know the basics (rules, scoring, ability to serve, etc.), but all ability levels are welcome. See the Racket Sports play for a description of how players are matched together.

How does it work?
  • Participants use their paddles to mark their spot in a line. (As a COVID precaution, please do not let your paddles touch.)
  • Once a game finishes, the winners stay on the court and "split"-- i.e. play on opposite teams in the next game -- unless a winner has already played two games; in that case, they also leave the court along with the losers.
  • The next two or three people at the front of the paddle line join them on the court. 
  • As you come off the court, add your paddle to the pack of the line.
  • Games play to 11; win by two points.