pre swim dates

Jun 3, 2019

Pre-Swim will start June 18, 2019.

Pre-Swim is a Carthage Aquatic Team program available to children ages 5 and up, who are not quite ready for the swim team, but are comfortable in the water without flotation devices.

The Pre-Swim program runs for 4 weeks in the summer. Practice is held daily Tuesday through Friday from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. All practices are held in the shallow pool next to the competition lane pool. 

Carrie Wallace will be preswim director this year

Cost is $40/swimmer and is non-refundable once the session begins. Each registered pre-swimmer receives a Carthage Aquatic Team t-shirt.

You can register using the "Start Registration" button, or use the "Contact Us" button if you have further questions.

We look forward to another great summer of Pre-Swim!