Competitive Swim Team

The Carthage Aquatic Team is a summer league competition team. It is open to swimmers aged 5 to 18 years of age who practice daily and compete in meets on the weekends with other teams from the 4-state area. Joining the swim team encourages self-discipline, fosters friendships, encourages lifetime exercise habits, and instills confidence with the fun of competition.

The swim team is split into different groups based on ability levels. The coaches will assign each swimmer to a specific group, which will determine what time a swimmer will practice.


Registration Fees

These are $80 per swimmer  

Registration fees include one team t-shirt, one team cap, and are non refundable once the season starts.

Entry Fees

These are also required for a swimmer to participate in the team swim meets. We ask that each swimmer pay a $30 deposit to cover his/her entry fees for the summer season or have a payment account on file.  Your account balance will be tracked through the season, and you will be notified periodically when additional fees are owed. You will be reimbursed any money not spent at the end of the season.

Families may log into their accounts at anytime to view their current account balances and payments.

***Accounts must be current in order to participate.***


The Carthage Aquatic Team has several scholarships available to swimmers in financial need. We are able to offer these through the generous donations made in memory of Nathan Loveall. Nate was a cherished swim team member from 2002- 2009.