Practice Days/Times:

Tuesday-Friday  -  Practices fall between 7:00 A.M and 11:00 A.M.  Typically younger swimmers will not begin practice until 8:00 A.M. or later.

Practice Groups will be posted on the Website Mid May.  The groups are not rigid.  We will always do what we see as coaches is in the best interest of your swimmer.  During the first couple of weeks we may make some adjustments so everyone can perform to their full potential.



Registration fee is $100 per swimmer and this covers the entire summer (it is prorated for multiple swimmers in one family) plus an $8 website fee per family (if you register all of your swimmers at once. If you go back and register more later it charges the $8 again and that is a system function we cannot change).

There are fees for individual meets, those are described below.

All Fees may be paid online via credit card or mailed to our treasurer Andy Goodson:  P.O. Box 292, Monett, MO  65708

There will be a locked drop box at practices to drop the fees in as well.



Check out the listing of Meets under the “Meet Schedule” tab.  Swimmers must attend 3 of the meets and their appropriate Championship meet (B or A) at the end of the season.

Meets are on Saturdays and Sundays.  The Same events are always Saturday events as well as the same for Sunday.  Swimmers may swim only one of the days and it count as a meet.  To swim an event at championships a swimmer must have a legal time in that event.  If you swim Saturday only all year, that is fine, however at Championships you could not swim the Sunday events unless you had swam them during the one day Siloam Springs or Parsons meets or at a Dual (we hope to have one).

Meets are an all-day event with warm-ups usually between 7:00-8:30 A.M. and most meets do not end until the afternoon or maybe 5 or 6 if a very large meet. 

Meet fees have been $2.00 an event and $1.25 for the share of a relay.  Typically swimmers swim 2-4 events per day, depending on experience, and up to one relay.

For meets you will want to bring things to sort of “camp-out” all day.  pop up tents, blankets, lawnchairs, games, food, snacks etc…  


Equipment needs:

We are offering a team store that makes an 8% commission for our team this year on any purchases. Please shop at our team store and support our team.  

All- At least 2 pair of goggles for practice and meets. We suggest a tinted or mirrored pair as the sun does bother them.

Swim Caps-  Caps are optional for practice and a free latex team cap will be provided for meets.  If girls with long hair do not want to wear a cap their hair MUST be in a braid or secure ponytail.  It is hard to swim correctly with long hair in their face.

Girls- One Piece competition style suit. We have 2 different suits availabe on our team store, both are great options. 

Boys- Boys should wear jammers or a brief to help them kick properly and keep accurate times. A regular pair of swim trunks provides a lot of drag in the water.  For boys suits they should fit VERY snuggly.  They should not slide on, they will sag in the water and wear out more quickly.  Think waist size for pants. We have provided two very good suggestions in our team store. 

Waterbottles are needed if their practice is an hour and a half or longer. 

We suggest to have at least a simple drawstring mesh or nylon bag to use as a swim bag. It can hold a towel and waterbottle and hang on the fence during practice. There are also larger bags and good suggestions on the team store.



Parent Involvement:

Parents will be asked to take turns timing at meets they attend. It is very easy and fun and we do expect all to rotate in.  You will time with others from our team so you and a friend can sign up together or meet someone new. We ask parents who stay for practice to please remain in the seating areas away from the pool. We need your swimmer focused on the coaching they will be getting not the parent.

When we host the A Championship meet in August we will be asking the entire team to help run the meet.  Concessions, Bull Pen, Awards, Hospitality etc… are just a few of the areas we staff.  Hosting a meet is the way our team receives the income we need to continue to provide an excellent program for your swimmers.  Thank you for helping us keep registration fees low by volunteering and helping us host an incredible meet!

We have a crew of parents that help put lane ropes in early before practices and then ask that all who are able come and help roll them up at the end of practice.  It is very light work if we can have 3-4 parents each day after practice.  The kids pick up all of the equipment and flags.

There are other opportunities to volunteer such as snacks, end of year etc…  Please watch your e-mail and the Blog news for opportunities to help.



Our team communicates primarily via e-mail and the News tab of the website.  In case of severe weather updates will be posted there as well as sent out in a text.  To receive a text you must register your number on your website account (log-in instructions will be sent once registration fees are received).