Meet Fee Guidelines


General Rule by Tri-State Swim Conference:
· Neptunes team will ONLY bill our swim families for their entries according to amount that was billed by the host. We DO NOT make any profit from home team entry fees.
· All meets will be charged except for our home meet and duals, they are FREE of Charge.
· Deck entry (signing up after the deadline or the day of the meet) and Scratch (deciding after the coach has submitted your entry to host team not to go) will be charged unless submit (deck/scratch) before host submission deadline (generally Monday/Tuesday).
· Deck entry fee will be DOUBLE (Individual $4 / Relay $10, $2.5 Each) after host submission deadline, and might not be seeded or show in preprinted heat sheets at the meet.
· Relays will be put together by the coaches if there are enough swimmers to make a relay in that age group based on their abilities.
· You do not need to sign up for relays, but you do have a choice to opt out by making notes in the "Notes" section in the event signup page.
· You are encourage to communicate with your coaches by making notes in the event signup page when you declare for a meet, so your coaches will know your intention. (i.e. "Sunday Events Only", "No Relay Please!", "Coach Please Decide For My Swimmer, Attend Both Days", etc.)
· In the event of a scratch, your swimmers might already be in a relay. After the host submission deadline, if the coach is unable to find an alternate replacement, you will be responsible for the entire relay fee.
· Same rules apply in "NO SHOW" (just not showing up for the meet after declaring to go)

In the case of "NO SHOW" at your designated events, the Meet Referee Officials reserved the rights to bar swimmers from further participation in all of their subsequent individual and relay events for that day.