Tri-State Warm-Up Guidelines and Procedures


Pre-Meet Warm-Up Period:
· Control and supervision are key for safe warm-ups
· Marshals should be actively supervising the warm-up to ensure the proper procedures are followed

General Warm-Up Period:
· Allocate the first 20 minutes to general warm-up in all lanes
· There should be no diving off the blocks or off the edges of the pool at this time
· Coaches will be in charge of their lane at all times
· Circle swimming only. No diving!
· Last 10 minutes of warm-up will be allocated to starts with one-way swimming only!
· Only one swimmer on the blocks at a time and no one will stand on the blocks with backstrokers starting
· If the entire lane is ready for one-way swimming, the coach will be allowed to take control of their lane for starts, by informing the coaches of adjoining lanes that they will begin starts
· All starts will begin at the starting end of the pool and the swimmer will swim only one length. At this time only dive starts will be used.
· Remember to give younger and slower swimmers a sufficient lead-time before starting older and faster swimmers

Additional Considerations:
· Coaches should maintain as much contact with the swimmers as is possible - verbal and visual communication should be used through the warm-up period
· Coaches are reminded that the responsibility for supervision of their swimmer(s) is the same at a meet as when on deck at practice
· The Marshall shall have authority through the Meet Director over warm-up. A swimmer and/or coach may be removed from the deck or the meet for interfering with this authority.

These guidelines are for everyone’s safety. The coaches should be made aware of these procedures.
It is the responsibility of al meet directors and meet personnel to keep safety awareness first and foremost during the meet.