What do you offer that other teams don't?

SUSA offers a professional coaching staff that facilitates a fun and interactive way for kids to make life long friendships and learn and grow as individuals. Our coaching staff is trained in stroke development and technique, goal-based season planning and racing strategies.  In addition to training them in the pool, it is our aim to develop their character and keep in mind what is best for the swimmer.  

What can my child expect to learn in the SUSA summer team?

Swimmers can expect to learn how to swim all four competitive strokes, know how to do proper streamline, racing starts and turns. They will also learn all about competition in both the swim meets and through relays. We want to make the swim meets and competing as fun and interactive as we can! Having three but one team, we want to insure unity not only between each team but also among all of our swimmers. We encourage our kids to do their best in every race.  We firmly believe that -- no matter what place or time they achieved -- each swimmer who has done their best has won. 

How do I sign up?

Registration is simple.

  1. On the homepage, click on the "Join SUSA" button on the center right of the screen.  Follow the prompts and enter all information completely.
  2. If your child has NOT previously swam with SUSA, you will need to come to a placement tryout date.  Coaches will conduct a swim assessment that will confirm that he/she is in the correct group and make changes if necessary. At the tryouts, there will be a brief orientation to provide you with the information you need to have a successful swimming experience.  These dates will be emailed out the beginning of May.


What does the summer registration fee include?

Your registration fee pays for pool time, professional coaching, meet fees, uniform (t-shirt and cap), awards and team activities.  It also includes the administrative fees (online registration fees, insurance for meets and supplies).

The registration does NOT include a swim suit.  Our fees do not include the suit simply because some of our swimmers can use their suit from last year.  The required suit is any PLAIN black suit with no stripes, patterns or markings (other than the logos).  You can purchase these on our website or at one of the placement tryouts.

Where are the meets?

All of our meets are local at the Sand Hollow Aquatic Center or the Washington Community Center. 

Meets are found online. Swimmers are encouraged to attend all the meets.  

Are meets required?

Meets are highly encouraged to mark the progress of your athlete throughout the summer and to test the skills that they have been taught in practice. 

How do I sign up for meets?

All of our meet sign-up is done online.  You can sign up from any computer, but you must be logged in to do so.  The deadline for signing up for a meet is the Wednesday BEFORE THE MEET.  No entries will be accepted after this time. 

Click on the meet you wish to attend, Click Attend/Decline and choose "Yes, my child will be attending this meet."  Your child's coach will sign him/her up for events and relays (they generally ask the swimmers what they want to swim at the meet).

Click here for a video tutorial.

All results will be posted online as well.


What do I do if I signed up for a meet but cannot go?

If your child is signed up for a swim meet and is unable to make it, be sure and let their coach know as soon as possible! Having "no shows" is costly, takes up time and is inconsiderate to the other swimmers. 

How are relays assigned?

Relays are assigned by age, gender and attendance. We want all swimmers to participate in the relays. Relays teach team spirit and give swimmers a chance to bond with teammates.

What is a DQ?

In order to ensure fairness for all athletes, rules have been established for each stroke as well as for starts and turns.  When a swimmer violates one of these rules, an official will disqualify ("DQ") them.  We try to help the swimmer understand the reason for the DQ and more importantly, understand that it is part of the learning process (not the end of the world!).

Our league has determined that teaching the rules is important -- especially as most of our swimmers eventually move on to year-round competitive swimming or high school swimming.  In these venues, the rules are more stringent.

How do I find results from the meets?

Log in to the website and click "My Account" on the left.

What if my child wants to continue after the summer team ends?

SUSA offers a top-quality, affordable year-round team for those swimmers who wish to explore their talents further.  Our club team is a championship program geared toward building swimmers up from stroke foundations to the highest levels of swimming in the country.  Some of our swimmers have competed at national-level meets, and some have gone on to swim in college.  Most of our swimmers are young athletes who have a drive to learn and to succeed.  They are setting the cornerstones for future swimming excellence!

What is Select Camp?

At the end of the summer, we hold a Select Camp.  For more information about that, click on the Select Camp tab at the top of the page.