Intersquad groups will be divided by practice location.  For all meets, the teams will compete as separate entities.  The Intersquad Groups are as follows:

  • Summit -- YELLOW
  • Sand Hollow -- Blue
  • Washington -- ORANGE

Each of the following groups will be offered at all of our locations:

D Group

The primary objectives of this group are basic skill development and enjoyment of swimming.  Focus is on correct kick, correct body position and correct breathing.  Swimmers are taught basic deck starts for racing and relay participation.

C Group (Beginning)

Emphasis is on teaching the fundamentals of tempo, timing and alignment for all four strokes -- rather than on volume and distance.  Drills are used to teach turns, strokes and starts.  At this level, swimmers are given opportunities to progress at a more personal level, as adaptations are given to swimmers who advance at a different pace than the group.

B Group (Intermediate)

The main objective of this group is to reinforce basic techniques taught in previous levels of team.  Drills are used to build a fluent understanding of all four strokes.  Proper turns, starts and strokes are emphasized.  Swimmers are taught to use body awareness (not just times) as feedback for racing and practice.  Positive attitude and its relationship to team culture are taught.

A Group (Advanced Summer Team)(usually 14 & under)

Primarily a group for preparing swimmers to join the year-round team, but also for advanced swimmers who enjoy summer swimming.  Drills and aerobic training are used to promote advanced skill development.  Other group directives include "quality" swimming over longer distances and furthering aerobic and sprint skills.  Positivity, teammanship and sportsmanship are emphasized.

High School Training (Senior) Group (13 & Over, going into 9th grade or higher)

This group focuses on learning the fundamentals of competition, including strokes, starts, turns and basic aerobic training.  Great as preparation for high school team tryouts or just to develop better skills for older athletes.  This group is held a Summit Athletic Club only, M-Th evenings.