Registration isn't working

Some mobile devices/carriers are not compatible with our registration.  Try using a PC or laptop.  If that doesn't work, text or call Dani 435-669-6093.

I don't see the discount when I go to check out

Our discounts are applied manually by administrative staff.  The price at registration reflects the discount, even thought it won't show a "discount."  For example, if regular registration for your group and location is $195, when you check out during the Early Bird discount window, you will see that registration is only $180 ($15 savings).  It will not show a separate line-item discount or family discount.

My registration amount is way too much -- over $500/swimmer! What did I do wrong?

This is our failsafe to make sure kids are in the right location for the practice group.  If your registration amount is exorbitant, you chose a practice group that isn't connected with that location.  Make sure that your practice group says the right location (ie Washington 8:30 A group would flag if you had chosen Summit as your location; change them to match.

My swimmer isn't listed when I go to choose him from previous participants

Swimmers from previous summers are all inactivated when we open the new registration.  Contact Coach Dani to reactivate a former swimmer who is registering again.