SUSA Summer Team Meet Policies & Procedures


1.  Team Attire

      SUSA swimmers MUST wear the following to meets:

  • Team T-shirt (please label the collar or tag upon receiving your shirt)
  • Team Cap (either Yellow (Summit), Orange (WCCC) or Green (Cedar))
  • Plain black competition suit -- no markings or stripes

2.  Team Area

  • All SUSA team members MUST sit within the Team Area.  Parents of 10 & Under swimmers are encouraged to sit with their children within the Team Area.  Our Team Area helps coaches locate swimmers quickly and keeps the meet running more efficiently.
  • Our Team Area will be staffed with volunteer parents who help get kids to staging, remind them to drink water and wear sunblock.  Team Parents may also re-write the event numbers on the kids' arms and advise them to talk to their coaches.
  • Swimmer should NOT be playing in other areas of the facility, including in rec/play pools or locker rooms.

3.  Signing Up

  • The LAST DAY for registering for a meet is the Wednesday before the meet.  No exceptions.  You can sign up from any computer, whether you are out of town or not.  Unfortunately, we will NOT be able to add swimmers at the meet.  If you have any problems with registering for a meet, you may contact the Summer Team Head Coach at [email protected]
  • Coaches determine the events your child will swim.  All you have to do is sign your child up by responding with attend/decline.  An email will be sent 7 days before the registration deadline.
  • Relays are determined by the coaches.  Relays will be assigned at meets by group (Yellow=A/Orange=B/Green=C)

4.  Check-In & Staging

  • All swimmers must check in to the meet within 30 minutes of check-in opening.  If a swimmer fails to check in during this time, he or she will be scratched from the meet.
  • Event numbers will be written on their arms during check in.  Heat and lane assignments will be posted in various locations around the pool area. Coaches will also have the heat/lane assignments, as will Team Parents in the Team Area and at Staging.
  • Heat and lane Programs will NOT be available for purchase for summer meets.
  • Prior to their event, swimmers should check in at the Staging Area.  Swimmers sitting outside the Team Area are responsible for getting themselves to the blocks on time.

5.  What to Bring

  • A refillable water bottle labeled with their name
  • Sunscreen
  • All team attire (suit, cap, goggles, t-shirt), also labeled with their name
  • Towel(s)
  • Hat/sunglasses
  • Snacks to last them through the meet (no glass bottles)
  • DO NOT BRING: electronic devices or expensive equipment, candy or other sugary items, messy food

6.  Feedback at Meets

  • It is very important to us that your child learns as much as he or she can during the summer program.  Therefore, we want to talk to your kids at meets, not just practice. 
  • All swimmers are encouraged to talk to their coaches before and after races (especially after).  Coaches are trained to watch and provide feedback to the swimmers in their group.  Sometimes that feedback will include a discussion of how they applied what they are working on in practices.  Other times, the coaches will seek to assess how the child processes their performance (How do you feel you did?).  We ask that parents leave the coaching to the coaches, instead of trying to add feedback themselves.
  • If your child's coach is not in attendance, another coach will be assigned.  Make sure your child approaches the coach to introduce himself or herself. 

6.  Volunteering

  • SUSA Families, upon registering, commit to provide 8 hours of volunteer time at meets (usually the equivalent of two full meets).  Hours will be recorded through the online system.  You may check your hours at any time by logging into your account.
  • Job Signup will be available until the Sunday after the meet.  If you are recruited to volunteer at a meet (without previously signing up), log in and sign yourself up for the job you did.  You will receive credit for those hours worked.

7.  Championships

  • Swimmers who wish to participate in the Summer League Championship meet must have competed in at least 3 summer league meets during the same season.
  • There are NOT automatic sign-ups for this meet; you must attend/decline the meet using the same procedure as all other meets.
  • The first, second and third place scorers from each event will be invited to attend the SUSA Select Camp in August.

8.  Obtaining Results

  • Ribbons earned by our SUSA swimmers will be available in their file folders approximately one week after the meet.  Leftover ribbons will be available at the End-of-Summer Party.  In the event that ribbons are left from previous summers, those will be recycled.
  • Results from the meet can be accessed online.  Log in to your account, click on My Account/My Meet Results.  That will have your child's time.
  • Results from summer league meets cannot be used for USA swimming meets.