SUSA Summer Team -- Policies & Procedures 2022


Specific Policies for each Facility -- scroll down

General Summer Team Policies (applicable to all facilities)

1.  Communication

  • Email 
    • ​Please check your email daily.  Communication with parents will be done primarily through email and News (which is posted on the website).  Parents are responsible for obtaining information that goes out through email lists.  If your contact information changes, please update it by logging into the website and making the necessary changes (do not email the coaches to do it for you).
  • Texting
    • If you wish to receive text messages, you must follow these steps:  1) enter your cell phone number and carrier info (Verizon, T-Mobile, etc) into the appropriate fields in your account information, 2) Click save, 3) Click on the text message it sends you. Please note: our system does not work with Republic Wireless.
  • Check the website for information BEFORE contacting us through email or texting.  Info about events and meets will be posted there.
  • Parents and swimmers have the right to request private, in-person meetings with the Head Coach or Director of Coaching at any time.

2.  Bullying and Code of Conduct

Upon registering, all swimmers and their parents are required to read and electronically sign the SUSA Summer Team Code of Conduct and SUSA Bullying Policy.  This is also posted to the Parents tab.

3.  Open Deck and Parent Observation

Parents are welcome to observe practice at any time ("Open Deck").  However, please remember that you have hired our coaches to do a specific job.  It is detrimental to a child if they are forced to choose between listening to a coach and a parents who is "coaching."  Therefore, we require that parents do not interfere with practice by approaching coaches or swimmers during practice time.

4.  Discipline

When a swimmer violates the Code of Conduct or is disruptive to a practice, the following procedure will be enforced:

  • First offense -- the swimmer will be asked to sit out of practice for an appropriate amount of time.
  • Second offense -- the swimmer will be asked to leave practice.  The swimmer will be allowed to contact his/her parents for a ride.
  • Third offense -- the parents will be contacted and a meeting will be set up with the Director of Coaching, Head Coach, parents and the swimmer.
  • Fourth offense -- The swimmer will be dismissed from the team.  Refund policies will be administered accordingly.
  • Coaches have sole discretion on when to apply the interventions mentioned above.

Parents or other adults who violate the Code of Conduct will be asked to leave the deck.

4.  Refunds

If a swimmer cannot complete the season, parents must submit via email a request for refund.  Refunds requests must be made within the first three weeks of practices.  The Refund Request Form is found under the Parents Tab.  Requests must state the following:  reason for quitting, any communications the parents have had with coaches, and last date of practice (which will be verified by the child's coach).  Submit forms via email to [email protected]

Refunds will only be given for the Summer Team Registration, not for processing fees, team suits, caps, t-shirts, or other team uniform items that the child has received.  If the swimmer swims at Summit, but is not a member, the pool usage fee cannot be refunded either. 

We hire coaches and reserve pool time based on our registrations.  In addition, we have to order t-shirts and caps weeks before the season begins.  For this reason, refunds will be pro-rated based on date of email submission.  To determine the refund amount, use the following criteria: 

  • If Refund Request is made two weeks before team begins -- only processing fees will be subtracted. 

  • From 13 days to 1 day before team begins -- processing fees, uniform fee and 10% will be subtracted.

  • During the first week of team practices -- processing fees, uniform fee and 25% will be subtracted.

  • During the second week -- processing fees, uniform fee and 50% will be subtracted.

  • During the third week -- processing fees, uniform fee and 75% will be subtracted.

  • No refunds will be made after the third week of practice.

  • If a swimmer has an unsuccessful tryout after the above days, full refund (minus processing fees) will be issued as long as Refund Request form is sent before the deadline.

  • Refund submission DEADLINE FOR 2022: June 24.

5.  Disagreements and Complaints

Chain of Command:  if a parent or swimmer has a disagreement with a coach, they should:

  • Speak to that coach directly, privately and at a time that does NOT interfere with practices.
  • If the situation is not resolved, the parent should contact the Head Coach, who will in turn contact the Director of Coaching.

Parents have the right to request a meeting at any time, given that they have properly followed the chain of command.

6.  Team Uniforms

At Placements, or another time thereafter, swimmers will be given a team cap and team shirt.  Only team caps and team shirts can be worn at meets.  If a swimmer needs a replacement cap or shirt, the cost will be $7 for either.  This charge will need to be paid BEFORE receiving the replacements and will be subject to availability.

7.  Emergency Situations

All SUSA coaches are required to remain current CPR and concussion certifications.  When appropriate, SUSA coaches will defer to the lifeguards employed at our facilities.

8.  Late Pickup

It is expected that parents be on time to pick up their swimmers.  This helps prevent possible injury and unproductive loitering.  If parents are late to pick up their swimmers from practice, swimmers are REQUIRED to stay on deck with the coaches.  Because this is disruptive to the flow of the following group, there will be a $5 late pickup charge for each incidence.  This will be billed directly to your credit card.

9.  Holidays and Meet Days

Practices will not be held on July 4 or 24.  If any other practices are canceled (such as for meets), parents will be notified through their login email.

10.  Practice Group Minimums

There is a minimum of 8 swimmers to schedule a practice group.  If 8 swimmers do not sign up for any practice group, those swimmers will be moved to a different time or group.  Parents will be notified before the change takes place.


Specific Policies for each Facility

Summit Athletic Club

1.  Checking In

All swimmers (member or non-member of Summit) must sign in at the front desk.  A clipboard will be provided.

2.  Memberships

Summer swimmers are not required to have a membership to SAC.  However, because SAC is a private club, non-members will have an additional "access fee" to be able to use the competition pool during swim team use only.  This will be charged at the time of registration.  This does NOT include hot tub or kiddie pool access and is limited to the SUSA swimmer only (not family members).  Those who register as members of SAC (the child has to be a member) will be verified by Summit staff.  Those whose memberships are invalid or not in good standing will be assessed the Access Fee at the end of June.  This fee will be the non-member fee PLUS processing fees.  This fee would then be charged to your credit card. 

3.  Inclement Weather

SUSA coaches are trained to handle emergency situations.  In the event that there is inclement weather at Summit, coaches will work with lifeguards to ensure the safety of all of our swimmers.  Rain does not pose a threat unless accompanied by lightning.  If there is lightning 10 minutes before a practice begins, that practice will be canceled.  If it begins to lightning during a practice, coaches will remove swimmers from the water until such time as it is deemed safe to re-enter the water.  In the meantime, coaches will supervise swimmers in the upstairs conference room.

4.  Use of Showers, Lockers, Hot Tubs and Additional Facilities

  • SUSA Swimmers are not necessarily entitled to use SAC facilities other than the pool.  Please be aware that SUSA swimmers are not to impede facility members in any way.  Swimmers may NOT use the showers after practice; however, they should use the outdoor shower before entering the water.
  • After practice, swimmers may wait for parents on deck or outside the front doors to the left side of the entrance.  No swimmers should be wandering around the facility or loitering in the locker room or lobby areas.
  • If you wish to rent a locker to hold your belongings, you can arrange this at the front desk of SAC.
  • Use of the hot tubs and saunas before or after practice is prohibited.
  • Members of SAC may use the facilities ONLY if accompanied by a parent.  Swimmers age 15 and over may make other arrangements at the front desk.
  • Coaches will sweep the locker room and indoor areas between every practice.

5.  Storing Equipment on Deck

Swimmers should place all belongings in the areas designated at orientation (during the first week of practice).  Please make sure bags are zipped and all items placed inside to avoid theft and accidentally leaving something behind.

All left items will be turned in to the facility lost and found.  SUSA coaches will not store or hold items for swimmers.


Washington City Community Center/Sand Hollow Aquatic Center

1.  Use of Showers, Lockers and Additional Facilities

  • Please be courteous to facility members and guests.  No horseplay allowed in the lobby areas, hallways and locker rooms.  No music allowed in the locker rooms.
  • Clean up after yourself.  Do not leave garbage or any items on deck or in the locker rooms/showers.
  • Limit use of the showers.  Remember there are other guests who use these facilities.
  • SUSA membership does NOT entitle swimmers to use of the facility.  You must be a member or pay the day use fee if you wish to use the rec pool (with the play structure), rock climbing wall or gym areas.  If you wish to purchase a facility membership, please contact the front desk at WCCC.
  • SUSA membership allows ONLY the swimmer to use the competition pool.  Family members are not entitled to any use of the facility unless they have a WCCC membership.
  • Locker rental can be arranged through the front desk at WCCC.
  • NO CHILDREN ARE ALLOWED TO RUN AROUND UNSUPERVISED throughout the facility -- especially upstairs.  This includes swimmers before and after practice as well as siblings or friends.
  • Coaches will sweep the locker room and indoor areas between every practice.

2.  Storing Equipment on Deck

Swimmers should place their gear in the areas designated at orientation (during the first week of practice).  Please zip up bags and store all items inside.  SUSA coaches will NOT collect items left behind.  Any such items will be turned in to the facility lost and found.