SUSA's Year-Round club team is designed to help swimmers achieve the highest level of swimming they wish to achieve -- whether it be National, Collegiate, or High School.  We build onto our summer program, teaching advanced stroke technique, employing advanced training methods and introducing swimmers to the USA-Swimming level of competition (the governing body for the US).

Practice Groups

We have multiple ability levels on our team:  Mini-Rays (beginner) A & B, Royal Rays (itmd) A & B, Stingrays (advanced) and National Development.  Before registering you will be asked to do a tryout in order to determine the best group assignment for your swimmer.

Not every group practices at every location, but our Minis and Royals are at every location.


We generally offer at least one meet every month.  Most are in the immediate area -- St. George and Cedar.  Some are travel meets to Salt Lake, Vegas or California.  National Development group (and some Stingrays) travels farther to their highest level meets.

Only three meets per year are required (called "Team" meets).  These meets are held locally and hosted by our team.  Entry into these meets is automatic.

Monthly Fees

After registration fees, dues are charged monthly.  Dues differ by practice group and location, so your coaches will discuss the fees at the tryout based on which group your child will be in.  Dues range from about $50 per month up to around $100 for the Nat-D group.

After you create your login to the main Team site, you also have access to the parent handbook, which includes detailed information about SUSA's Billing Procedures.  In addition, we hold bi-monthly Parent Education meetings to help parents get informed about swimming and to disseminate information about our team.


This information includes answers to the commonly asked questions of summer parents coming into the year-round team.  If you have further questions, please feel free to contact [email protected]