Job Descriptions

Meets take a great deal of volunteers in order to run effectively.  SUSA policy requires that each family volunteer 8 hours at meets (two meets) in order to participate in the summer league program.  We have provided these descriptions in order to help parents choose how they will volunteer.


  • Assigned to a specific lane (usually two per lane)
  • Timers stand to watch the finish of the race, then write down the times from their stopwatches on the timing sheet (the runner will come to collect these).
  • Timers will receive hospitality (drinks and snacks) during the meet.
  • If you need a relief timer (for instance, if you have to go to the bathroom), raise your hand so the head timer can fill in or find a replacement.

Head Timer

  • Distributes clipboards, pencils and stopwatches to each lane 30 minutes prior to start.
  • At the start of each race, starts two extra stopwatches which can be traded to timers in the event they didn't get an accurate start.
  • Substitutes for timers who need to use the restroom or helps secure a replacement if a timer needs to leave.

Computer Operator

  • Must be trained in the use of Meet Manager 4.0 or Colorado Timing System 6.  For those who would like to serve in this capacity, training will be provided.

Stroke & Turn Official

  • Must attend a 2-hour training prior to the season start in order to qualify as a stroke/turn official.
  • Officials watch races and verify that the swimmers completed each race according to league rules.
  • Must wear white shirts and tan shorts/skirt/pants.


  • Announces the events as they run (name, team and lane).
  • Announces which events are to report to staging.


  • Directs the swimmers to ready themselves behind the block.
  • Directs them to step up on the block, calls names of missing swimmers, announces the event and directs them, "Swimmers, take your mark."  Then the starter initiates the horn start and starts the race.


  • Helps the computer operators to sort timing sheets & collects them from the lane after every three to four events.  Helps the system operator check times against the electronic system.

Team Parent (Team Area Supervisor):

  • This parent makes sure that the kids get to their events and keeps the swimmers under a thoughtful eye. They make sure the kids are being safe, making sure they are proparly hydrated and with sunscreen. The parent is expected to stay in the team area.

Head Staging

  • Get the kids into groups and lanes and leads them to their appropriate lanes on time.

Staging Crew

  • This crew helps the head stager get their job done in an organized and timely fashion.


  • Expected to arrive 45 minutes prior to check-in to help set up the meet area.
  • Also expected to stay after to help take down tents, put away chairs, tables, stopwatches, cords, etc.


  • Purchase drinks and snacks for the home meets & submit receipts for reimbursement.
  • Go around to timers, officials, computer and coaches every 30-45 minutes to distribute items.
  • Make sure the water coolers in the Team Area are full during the meet.  This applies to Away meets also.

Meet Marshall

  • Every 20 minutes, checks locker rooms, warmup/cooldown areas, play structures and hot tubs to assure safety of swimmers and guests.


  • During the meet, fixes the proper label to the proper ribbons, sorts by team and distributes as necessary.
  • Makes sure that visiting teams receive their awards before they leave, or send them within a week of the meet.
  • Helps the Awards Chairperson file ribbons for the SUSA team.