Avon Aquatic Facility Guidelines

Our athletes’ safety is a top priority. We are guests of the Avon Aquatic Facility and the use of its facilities are a privilege. Listed below are some guidelines which include the pool deck, locker rooms, pool, parking lots, any other areas:

Pool Deck Parents are more than welcome to view swim practices and/or lessons from the grassy hill behind the fence by Gate E. For insurance reasons (safety and liability), parents are prohibited from being on the pool deck (where coaches are located) before, or during swim practices.

Restrooms Swimmers should not linger in the restroom. Before practice, swimmers should change clothes and meet their coach on the pool deck as soon as possible. After practice, swimmers should quickly shower, get dressed and meet their parents.

Arrival and Pickup Arriving early is at the discretion and responsibility of the parent. Swimmers are under AESC’s responsibility at the start of practice. Coaches will wait for all swimmers to be picked up after practice, but this should be within 10 minutes of the end of scheduled practices. Parents should report any suspicious activity to any Avon Eagle Swim Club staff member.