An important link in the swimmer – coach – parent triangle is a healthy line of communication. Parents are kept informed of team events, activities, and updates through the following methods:

  • The AESC website,, is kept up-to-date and maintained by the team’s webmaster and coaches. ALL information can ultimately be found on the website and any new or important updates will be on the Team News section of the home page.
  • The team website also serves as the account and billing system for all team members. Members can log into their accounts to view meet entries, swimmer’s times, and all billing activity. Group-specific and general team emails are sent via Team Unify. The website and database are NOT to be used for unrelated activities. Billing questions should be directed to [email protected].
  • Coach/Staff Email – Emailing is a preferred method of communication unless the issue is an emergency or extremely sensitive, requiring a direct text message or phone call. Our coaches can be reached at [email protected] and the board can be reached at [email protected]. It is a coach’s personal prerogative to give out their cell phone number. In the event you utilize this form of communication, please be considerate of both their personal time and life outside of the pool.
  • Discussions with the coaching staff ARE NOT/WILL NOT be held during practice or meets.
  • Facebook/Remind/Website – Practice changes and announcements will be updated via these channels frequently. Links to these apps can be found on the team website. We also share things we are doing at practice, and information about our sport.