Swim Meet Information

The Avon Eagle Swim Club meet schedule is posted on the website under “Events”. Meets are a fun time for swimmers, as well to measure improvement and put the skills they learn in practice to use. Meets also give swimmers a strong incentive to attend practice.

How Do I Sign Up for a Meet? You will receive an email from “[email protected] on behalf of “Avon Eagle Swim Club” with the dates to register your swimmer into a meet. You will have until the deadline on the email to commit or decline your swimmer for the meet. In our 2022 season, all events will have a deadline on the Friday prior to the event.

Events will be selected by the coaching staff with the team and your swimmer’s best interest in mind.


  1. Log into your Team Unify account, and find available meets on the home page
  2. Click “attend/decline” to declare your swimmer for the meet
  3. After you click “attend/decline”, save your changes and you are done
  4. Warm up information for upcoming meets will be sent 1-2 days prior to the event.

What are Meet Entry Fees? There are two invitationals offered during the summer season. These are swim meets that are outside of the regular meet schedule. There will be a flat fee for each swimmer entered into the meet. Fees will be posted on the invitational’s information page. These meets are not mandatory but are a lot of fun!

What if my child cannot swim after they have been entered into the meet? Coaches spend a great deal of time working on lineups and giving swimmers every opportunity to swim different events in a meet. It is very important that coaches are notified as soon as possible if your child will not be swimming in a meet they are signed up for. This will give coaches time to adjust individual events and relays.

What if my child needs to leave a meet early and is scheduled to swim in a relay? If you know in advance that you need to leave a meet early, please leave that information in the notes section when registering your swimmer for the meet. This way, coaches will not put the swimmer in a relay. If you need to leave a meet before it is over, a coach MUST be notified in writing. Swimmers not present for individual events or relays, could be excluded from the next swim meet or excluded from future relays.

How does my swimmer qualify for Champs? Swimmers must qualify or receive an invitation to swim at Champs. Swimmers must participate in a minimum of 2 dual meets during the season. The top three swimmers (based on time), in each event qualifies to swim at champs. Additional swimmers may receive an invitation to swim at Champs on an as needed basis.