Job Descriptions

Setup Crew - Arrives at Avon Aquatics Facility at 3:45 to begin setting up for home meets. Process takes about half an hour. Involves lifting and moving tables, filling and bringing our coolers of water/ice, setting up clerk of course, setting up volunteer and swimmer check-in locations, setting up swimmer check-in and team locations.

Swimmer Check-in - Check-in / circle-in swimmers as they arrive to the pool at both home and away meets. Position begins at 4:00 and ends at around 5:00 or when all swimmers have circled in.

Volunteer Check-in - Checks in volunteers for their positions. Sells additional swim caps.

Timers - Stand at one end of the pool and time each event and heat. Timers will be asked to operate a stopwatch, a plunger, and write down times for each swimmer in their lane.

Heat Winner Awards - Pass out awards to the winning swimmer of each heat for each event.

Head Timer - Starts two watches for every heat in case a timer’s watch did not start or a mishap took place. They also take the place of a timer when a restroom break is needed.

Announcer - Narrates the meet.

Scorekeeper - Organizes the heat cards for the official scorekeeper. Helps enter times if needed.

Runner - Collects the heat cards from each lane and gets the cards to the scoring table.

Clerk of Course - The official responsible for organizing swimmers into heats and getting younger swimmers to their correct lanes.

Breakdown Crew - Helps put away all equipment used to run the meet such as; tables, chairs, coolers, tents, award bins, and scoring equipment.

Ribbons - Placing stickers on correct ribbons and separating them by team. This position begins halfway through the meet and ends when the meet is over.