Stephen Leal Head Swimming Coach

Coach Leal has been coaching competitive swimming for 40 years in the U.S. and the Caribbean region. He has been certified at level 5 by the American Swimming Coaches Association, ranking him among the elite swimming coaches in the world. 

His teams have won national and junior national championships, at both the club and NCAA levels, and he has coached Olympians and world record holders. At his most recent coaching assignment, SwimMAC in North Carolina, his team produced more Academic All-Americans for the past two years than every other swim club in the U.S., an accomplishment he is proud of.

Eline Broere Head Swim Instructor and Coach

Coach Eline was born in the Netherlands, and specialized as a swim instructor among other things during her university years. Following her graduation, she began working as a swim instructor in Holland, then moved to Sint Maarten in 2014. She has worked with CST since 2015 as the Head Swim Instructor as well as working with the competitive team. She recently became certified as a Level 3 coach by the American Swimming Coaches Association.

Tanya Power-Stevens Instructor

Tanya started teaching swimming 14 years ago and joined CST as a swim instructor in 2014.  Tanya is our Baby Buddy instructor teaching babies from as young as six months old with their parents.  She also teaches children and adults in classes or private one-on-one sessions, especially small children too young for group classes.  She is experienced with beginners who are afraid of the water as well as teaching children with physical and mental disabilities.

Peggy Bell Instructor

Peggy learned to swim as an adult in the middle of Oklahoma, where the nearest beach was a 2 day drive away. She didn’t want that experience for her kids so they started learn-to-swim lessons at 3 years oldAs they grew, they assisted in the learn to swim program while swimming competitively. When they left after Hurricane Irma, Peggy filled in the gap and learned how to teach swimming to kids. This challenge has taken Peggy out of her comfort zone, and in return she takes the kids out of theirs as they learn to swim and save themselves. Peggy has been teaching with CST since 2018.

Audrey Wilson Instructor

Being passionate about anything that had and has to do with water sports, Audrey got the chance at the Carib Swim Pool to practice what was a life time dream: teaching others how to swim. Helping them to be confident in and around water, so that also they can experience the joy of swimming. Being an educator and coach for almost 20 years, she enjoys seeing students grow and be proud of what they achieve … but now in the swimming pool!

Floyd van Dillen Instructor

Floyd earned his A and B swim diploma when he was a child. After that he has been swimming ever since, not within a club but just for exercise.

Floyd joined CST in December 2021 and learned along the way how to be a swimming instructor. Not only is Floyd a swimming instructor he is also a P.E. teacher for two primary schools. He incorporates a lot of fun games and uses the fantasy of the child to make it real. His vision is that the child learns fastest when it is having fun.

Vlad Arpin Intern Coach and Instructor

Coach Vlad was born in Bucharest,Romania and he practiced 12 years competitive swimming in National and International competitions in Europe. Over the year of his activity in swimming,he got the chance to improve social and teamwork activities as a swimming instructor with different age groups in two different clubs in Bucharest. 

After finishing his high school education,he got the specialization as swim instructor and followed the Sport Studies program of Hanze University in The Netherlands.

After graduation from his university studies, Vlad accepted an Internship with Carib Swim Team, beginning in September 2022 He is looking forward to teaching the swimmers, and helping them achieve their potential.