FAQs About Joining Carib Swim Team


My child is interested in joining the club; what should I do?
Come to our registration on Saturday, 27 August, from 10am-2pm at the CST Pool in Cole Bay.  At the tryouts your swimmer will be evaluated for group placement and we will answer all of your questions about joining our program!

If you are unable to attend our Fall registration day, there is still a place for your child in our program! Please give us a call at 721-553-7225 if you speak English, or +590 690 37 90 36 if you speak French, or otherwise email us at [email protected], and we will schedule a tryout for you.

How much swimming experience does my child need to join?
If your child is 12 or younger, he or she needs to be able to swim one length of the pool on front and back and have no fear of deep water - we teach the rest!

If your child cannot yet swim the length of the pool, we have several learn-to-swim options available with our staff of highly qualified swim instructors.

I really don't want my child to compete yet - just learn the strokes, is that an option?
For our novice swimmers the emphasis at CST is having excellent technique and strokes while having a ton of FUN! The most important thing for young swimmers is to love swimming while learning the best possible skills.  We frequently get in the water with young swimmers, lesson style, to make sure that they are learning every aspect of swimming and we play many learning games to keep it fun. When the child is ready for competition we have many meets that we attend each year for that opportunity.

My child is excited about competition - can we do that too?
CST is a competitive swim club and our goal is for swimmers to have lots of opportunity to compete at all levels.  CST attends many meets a year and hosts several, making competition easy to attend.

How much does CST cost?
The cost varies depending on what training group your swimmer is in.  Our prices and dues policies are HERE.  When compared with other youth activities around the island, Carib Swim Team offers high value, great quality programming and several hours per week of training and instructive opportunities.  With a dedicated, professional coaching staff, great opportunities and outstanding swimming instruction there isn't a better deal on the island.

How many times a week does my swimmer have to go to practice?
On CST there are no minimum practice requirements - you can make it work for your schedule!  However, the more practices your swimmer attends the faster they will advance in the sport.  Once you have joined the team the coach can help you plan what practice attendance plan is best for your swimmer and his/her swimming goals. 

What are the opportunities for older, advanced swimmers?
CST has swimmers competing at the international level and participating in highly competitive travel meets and open water competitions.  We aim to provide each swimmer with the highest level of competitive opportunities available. 

What are my parent obligations as a member of CST?
We host several meets per year and volunteering at these meets (whether or not your swimmer is attending) is strongly encouraged.  Usually that involves a few hours of your time timing for the swimmers, working at concessions or other meet related activities.  Hosting meets is a source of revenue for CST and volunteering is an important way to make sure your child's team is successful. 

Why should I invest in swimming as a sport for my child?
Swimming is a healthy, fun, lifelong activity.  CST swimmers have gone on to be doctors, lawyers, professionals, and ultimately, great well-rounded people.  Our goal at CST is to not just help people become great swimmers, but to help them learn life skills to become great people. Skills learned in the sport of swimming help children succeed in all areas of life.

Where should I park when I come to the pool?
The parking directly in front of the pool is reserved.  You must have special permission to park in those spots. Instead, families are asked to please use the parking lot directly below the pool. 

Who is the Head Coach?   
The team is very happy to have been joined by Head Coach Steve Leal in April of 2019.  Coach Leal comes from the USA, and brings nearly 40 years of professional coaching experience with him. Coach Eline Broer assists Coach Leal, as well as runs the Swimming Lessons programs.