Do you swim or do you want to learn to swim ? 

Can you swim but want to get better at swimming ?

Do you want to make swimming your best sport ?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, here is your chance to take swimming further in a fun environment.

Join a club where you have loads of fun, make lots of friends and learn something that will be good for you for the rest of your life. Join Carib Swim Team (CST)!

Swimming is something you do on your own, BUT it is also something you do as a team sport. You will need to work hard when you join the swim team because you will become a team member who competes against other teams. The harder you train, the better you swim and the bigger chance you have of winning.

CST is a swim club based on the Dutch side of Sint Maarten with the aim of promoting competitive swimming on the island.

CST encourages all children who can swim to join and train with the coach. 

CST encourages community team swimming, bringing swimming to everyone who wants to swim. 

CST encourages competitive swimming, but welcomes swimmers who wish to be part of the team and train with the team even if they choose not to participate in swim meets.

CST is run by a volunteer board, and employs several coaches and instructors, but CST thrives and succeeds best when parents are actively involved. 

If you would like to know more about Carib Swim Team, please feel welcome to call by the pool, watch the swimmers, and talk to the coaches (when they're not busy coaching).

You may also call office at 721-553-7225 if you speak English, or Ady at +590 690 37 90 36 if you speak French, or email us at [email protected]

Carib Swim Team Pool 
Sea Island Cotton #2,  
Cole Bay,  
St Maarten
(traveling towards Marigot, turn right before Island Pet Shop)