Carib Swim Team has several options for learning to swim, for babies, children and adults. 


Baby Buddy: This class has the parents in the water with their baby, along with the instructor. The class is designed to allow babies to adapt to being in the water in a playful manner, and learn very basic survival skills. We offer three levels of the Baby Buddy class, depending on the age of the baby: 6 months - 1 year, 1 year - 2 years, and 2+ years. Classes have a maximum of 6 children.


Learn-To-Swim for children: Carib Swim Team uses a swimming diploma method developed in Holland. The comprehensive system requires different learned skills at each level, giving children a systematic progression for maximum effectiveness. Lessons are 45 minutes, and we recommend two lessons per week.

The system has several levels, beginning with our beginner A levels:

A1: Children are taught to be comfortable in and around water. Maximum of 4 children.

A2: Children learn basic swim strokes (crawl and backstroke). Maximum of 4 children.

A3: Children are taught breaststroke, and advances the skills taught in previous levels. Maximum of 6 children.

A4: Skills taught at previous levels are advanced, and distances are increased. Also at the A4 level, children are being prepared for the A diploma exam. Maximum of 6 children.

At the B and C levels children are taught more life saving skills, competitive swimming skills, and distances are continually increased.

Before children can be placed in the appropriate level, they must be assessed. Short skills assessments are offered on Wednesday and Thursday at 5:45pm, or on Saturday at 12:00pm. No appointment is needed, but please arrive 5 minutes in advance with your child already changed.


Private and Semi-Private Lessons: For quickest and most efficient advancement, CST recommends our private lessons or semi-private (2 children or adults) lessons. Private lessons can be customized to the swimmer's needs, according to level or wishes. Lessons are 30 minutes, and we recommend two per week.


Adult Classes: Carib Swim Team offers adult classes for beginners to more advanced. These classes can help you learn-to-swim or improve your skills. Classes are 45 minutes, once per week, and are limited to 6 participants. We can also provide Private or Semi-Private lessons for adults.


For more information including prices and schedules, give us a call at 721-553-7225 or, for French speakers call Yana at 590 690 77 54 24, or email us at [email protected]