Parent Responsibilities  

  • Registration:

    • USA Water Polo Membership - Silver or Gold Membership is required for your athlete to practice or play in games. Use (GOLD required to participate in Junior Olympics)

      • age verify your athlete- this is a one time thing

      • be sure to add a picture to their membership online

    •  Register and Pay for Tournaments - We have solidified a new process that requires commitment and EARLY registration.

      • We have to pay for tournaments as a club in advance, and we MUST know who is committed to playing in order to best configure which teams we will send, so that we are not paying for teams that we don’t have players to fill.

      • Use “EVENTS” registration tab - we put up the calendar and event dates as early as possible so you may put those weekends aside as water polo weekends for your athletes.

      • We will start bringing weekend tournaments to your attention in weekly emails ONLY when the registration deadlines are approaching.

        • deadlines will be on Mondays @ 8:00, this ives 

        • new early registration option - save some $ by registering early!

        • Keep in mind - if you miss the last deadline to register, your athlete (and possibly the entire team) will not be able to play.

  • Practice​: 

    • We offer 4 practices a week, but we ask that you commit at least 3 practices/week.

    • Stay up to date with the weekly emails. 

    • Get your athlete to practice daily,  on time, and prepared with the correct uniform and equipment (clothed with shoes for dryland, suit, towel, goggles, and cap)

      • Quality of practice goes down when we are always missing players

    • If there are ride conflicts, contact a team parent to see if you can carpool

    • Maintain communication with coach about missing practices, this can be done through the remind app or email.

      • difficult to plan a quality practice when we don’t know who is showing up

  • Games/Tournaments​: 

    • Check events online regularly since dates can change; also be sure to register your athlete before the deadline or as soon as it appears on the weekly email.

    • Get your athlete to their game at the time coach has communicated through Remind; if conflict, please let the coach know you will be running late.

    • Supply snacks, hydration, sunscreen, etc. so that your athlete may perform optimally.

    • Remain in the loop of contact to stay up to date with game schedules.

      • link for SPA and Tournaments are most of the time on links page, and often sent in the update.

    • Wear club apparel for tournaments, this includes team suit and shirts. We also encourage club parents to sport their CMAC gear at games.

    •  Cheer on the team in a positive and supportive way.

      • Waterpolo is a rough sport, most of the stuff that happens in the pool, is accidental, help your athlete deal with it after the fact, but please don’t yell during the game.

    • Respect and support your coach in their role - if you ever have questions, feel free to ask.

  • Communication: 

    • We are asking that players 14 and up talk to their coaches if they have questions or concerns.  We welcome parents support of their players, but we are hoping to develop these kiddos ability to advocate for themselves.

    • We are available before and after practices with prior arrangement.  

Player Responsibilities

  • Practice​: 

    • Arrive on time and ready for practice with a great attitude to improve.

    • Maintain focus and a positive attitude towards coaches and teammates.

    • Ask questions

    • Give 100% effort. 

      • Not just polo, but SWIM sets too!

    • Learn/Master something new every practice. 

    • Follow directions and respect coaches. 

    • 14U and up please come talk to your coaches, this is a skill we are trying to help you develop for high school and life.

  • Games/Tournaments​: 

    • Arrive on time (hour early) wearing CMAC Apparel.

    • Play with 100% effort in the game.

    • When on the bench maintain focus on the game - what can you do to help the team when you go back in? 

    • Translate techniques learned at practice into the game.

    • Be respectful to Referees, Coaches/teammates, and other team’s coaches/players.


  • Full attendance for games AND practice 

  • If you must miss practice, coach needs to know beforehand via REMIND

  • Notify coaches about missing a game as soon as it is known (via REMIND) - please look ahead to the important dates and make space in your calendars.

  • Decreases in attendance can affect playing time 


  • Information about changes/new items for the week pertaining to practices and tournaments will be conveyed in the WEEKLY EMAIL - please make sure to go through it every week so that you are up to date on the weeks schedule. 

  • Last minute updates pertaining to practice and game schedules will be conveyed through the Remind App on your mobile phone. Remind can get you in contact with your coaches as well through the messaging option. CODES: @cmac10s (10u), @cmac12s (12u boys), @cmac14s (14u boys), @cmac12ug (12u girls), @cmac14ug (14u girls), @cmac1618b (16/18u boys), @cmacgirl (16/18u girls)

  • If you have questions do not hesitate to come to the pool deck and ask, any of the coaches are willing to help!

Team Goals

  • Positive experience for all - balance between hard work and fun 

  • Success at all levels

Important Dates

​Please go over these dates this week and register for them on the website, then please let coach know ASAP if there are any that you will not be able to make (we may add a few last-minute ones in between):

  • January 25 SPA League (olders boys*)

  • January 26 SPA League  (youngers boys & girls, NO 10U**) 

  • February 8 & 9 k7 Tourney (older boys & youngers boys & girls) $120

  • February 22 SPA League (olders boys*)

  • February 23 SPA League  (youngers boys & girls**) 

  • March 7 & 8 OC Turbo cup (older B&G  & youngers B&G) $120

  • March 21 SPA League (olders B&G*)

  • March 22 SPA League  (youngers B&G**) 

  • April 18 &19 Kap7 Cup (older B&G  & youngers B&G) $120

  • April 25 SPA League (olders B&G*)

  • April 26 SPA League  (youngers B&G**) 

  • May 16 & 17 Sailor Cup (older B&G  & youngers B&G) $120

  • June 5-7 SOPAC Younger JO Quals approx $130

  • June 19-21 SOPAC Older JO Quals approx $130

  • July —schedule scrimmages & round robins with 3 teams on Sats

  • July JOs In northern Cal...approx $330, plus 4 nights in a hotel

    1. July 18-21 1st Session Boys

    2. July 23-26 2nd Session Girls, 10UCo-Ed, 10UGirls 

SPA Package:

  • SPA will be $40 for the individual days.

  • OR If you  commit to all 3 dates (Feb 22, March 21, & April 25 for the older boys & girls) and   (Feb 23, March 22, & April 26 for the younger girls & boys) and register before Monday February 3, it will