Swimming Suits

Team Suits must be purchased at B&B Aquatics located at 1163 Colonnade Center, Des Peres, Missouri 63131.  Ask the sales staff for the Sunset Hills Swim and Dive Team suit.


Please make sure your athlete has at least 2 pairs of goggles with them at every practice and meet. There is nothing worse than purchasing goggles that leak. Because goggles are important in protecting eyes from pool chemicals and helping swimmers see better under water, here are a couple tips in purchasing goggles. Always try the goggles on before purchasing them! If a store or the packaging doesn’t allow for this, don’t purchase them. Also, in order to test the proper fitting of goggles, try pressing goggles against the face creating suction without using the head strap. If the gasket around the eyes stay suctioned to the face, then this is considered a good fit. There are so many shapes and colors available, but remember that expensive goggles are not necessarily the best. It’s the fit that counts.


Please make sure your athlete has a cap with them at every practice. It is important for the swimmers to get used to swimming with them and putting them on themselves. A team cap is provided to each athlete to wear at meets, but we recommend your swimmer plan to wear a different cap in practice.

Water Bottle

All swimmers should plan to bring a water bottle to practice. There is a drinking fountain between the entrances to the bathrooms, but it is nice to have the water bottle in arm’s reach when needed. Please only use water or Gatorade.