“Super Sunset”
Super Sunset (clap, clap)
Super Sunset (clap, clap)
The S is for Super
The U is for Unique
The P is for the People who come to our meets
The E is for Everyone who listens to our Rap
So why don’t you just stay the heck back.
Super Sunset (clap, clap)
Super Sunset (clap, clap)

“Fired Up!”
We are the swimmers from Sunset Hills
And we’ve been at practice doin’ lots of drills
Now we would like to greet you on this fine day
And we would like to tell you that we think you’re OK
But bein’ OK just ain’t gonna do it
‘Cause we get fired up when we get down to it
Now one more thing before we start
And we want you to know it’s comin’ from the heart
We wish all of you the very best of luck
But it ain’t gonna help ‘cause we’re (clap, clap) FIRED UP!