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Alcatraz/Golden Gate Event Weekend

Welcome. You are standing at the doorway to an exclusive club of those people who are just crazy enough to swim the waters of San Francisco Bay in an extraordinary way - or two. Very few people in this world experience the preparation, anticipation and elation related to successfully swimming from Alcatraz to San Francisco. Fewer still have seized the opportunity to swim directly under and along the path of the world-famous architectural landmark known as the Golden Gate Bridge. And it is a far fewer select group of people in this world who accomplish both in one weekend.

If they haven't already, people will call you “nuts,” “crazy,” “foolish” and more. But they won't be able to ignore what you're about to do, and you won't be able to ignore the impact of these events on your own approach to life either.

The 2022 event weekend marks the 15th Annual Alcatraz and 13th Annual Golden Gate swims. Neptune Swimming Foundation is honored to play a part in facilitating your escape from your limitations. Whether this is your first event weekend with us or your 15th, our hope is that you have a great time, make great friends and come back again next year.

The growth and success of this event over the years is directly attributable to our alumni. The adventure, the people it attracts and the weekend we spend together speaks for itself - whether you're an athlete, spectator, volunteer, or a member of our tremendous San Francisco support team. Be sure to thank everyone involved. Without them, this event would not happen.

We look forward to bringing you and your family together onshore on day one at Aquatic Park, and back on the boat on day two near Sausalito to celebrate your unique, amazing – and a little bit crazy - accomplishment.

Thank you for swimming with us, and thank you for your support!


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