Heartland Area Swimming is comprised of the following teams assigned to regions:
Boonslick Heartland YMCA (BOOY)
Fair Acres Family YMCA (FAFY)
Jefferson City Area YMCA (JCAY)
Mexico Family YMCA (MEXY)
Monett Area YMCA (MWT)
Osage Prairie YMCA (OPY)
Seymour YMCA (SEYY)
Pat Jones Family YMCA (PJFY)
YMCA of Greater Kansas City (BWST)
YMCA of Callaway County (YOCC)
Chesterfield Family YMCA (WWFY)
Edward Jones Family YMCA (EJFY)
Four Rivers Area Family YMCA (FRAY)
Hannibal YMCA (HHST)
Kirkwood Family YMCA (KWBY)
Mid-County Family YMCA (MCFY)
O'Fallon Park Recreation Complex YMCA (OFPY)
South City Family YMCA (SCTY)
South County Family YMCA (SCY)
St. Charles County Family YMCA (SCCY)
Twin Pike Family YMCA (TPFY)
Wildwood Family YMCA (WWFY)
Centralia Recreation Complex Fayette County YMCA (CRCY)
Collinsville Maryville Troy YMCA (CMTY)
Monroe County Family YMCA (HTCY)
YMCA of Southwest Illinois (YOSI)
Additional Heartland Area Swim Committee 2020-2021 Team Information can be found by clicking the link above.