Age Performance

Rachel Palmer  027 7760 402

[email protected]

The lead coach for the Age Performance squad is Rachel Palmer. Swimmers will be members of HPK Swim Club and most will have graduated from Junior Performance. Most swimmers will be between the ages of 11 and 14 years. 


Key Goals (Learn to Train, Train to Train)

The key goal of this group is to perform well at Junior Festival or National Age Group Championships (NAGs). The group will be given all of the skills to do all four strokes effectively and will then learn to train. The basic premise is to develop swimmers beyond this year and create a long term athlete. While there will be an expectation of consistent improvement throughout the year, the development of the overall athlete will take precedence over short term gain.



Weeknights 4-6pm, and  Monday, and Friday and Saturday mornings 5.45-7.45am at the Howick Intermediate Pool along with Tuesday and Thursday mornings 5.45 - 7.45am at the Lloyd Elsmore Pool. Swimmers are expected to train 6-7 sessions per week. Strength and Conditioning is included in the training fees and is held from 6pm - 7pm at the Howick Rec Centre.