Kristen Emosi

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The lead coach for the Dolphins squad is Kristen Emosi. Swimmers will be members of HPK Swim Club and should have graduated from Marlins or know all four strokes and be able to swim about 400m. All members will be keen to swim competitively and most will be 9 years and under. Swimmers will train 2 sessions per week to start. 


Key Goals (Active Start and Fundamentals)

The key goals of this group are to learn all of the drills required within the coaching programme, know the basics of all four strokes, be able to do turns for all four strokes, starting to learn Medley turns, and race starts. The primary emphasis is on drills and skills. Swimmers will be expected to compete at least once a term if they want to move on into the next squad.

The ABC’s (Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed).


Dolphins Training

Training happens in the evenings at Howick Intermediate in a couple of streams from 3.30-6.00pm. Saturday morning training happens at the Lloyd Elsmore Pools from 7.15am until 9.00am.

Swimgym Howick through Vorgee offers a massive deal for Flippers, Board, Pull Buoy and gear bag for just $60.00 as a starter kit. Swimgym Howick also sells race googles and Adidas togs for HPK Members at the preferential discount of 33%.


Any further questions please email Sally Yates     [email protected]


The Facility

Howick Intermediate has an outdoor pool that is heated all year round. Swimmers need to come prepared for adverse weather conditions, we do still swim if it rains! A warm coat and woolly hat for immediately following training and having something with them to eat immediately after training will help. Another tip is to use a large plastic bag to line your bag to ensure you have dry clothes.



Car Parking and Access

Swimmers & parents are unable to use the school car park. Parents will need to park on the roadside. Swimmers under the age of 9yrs must be accompanied to & collected from poolside.


To access the pool (red box) from Botany Road, enter from the HPK gate sign, follow the footpath to the pool. Alternativley, park at Howick Leisure Centre or use the drop off point on Dalwhinnie Avenue.