Junior Performance

Angela Oliver

[email protected]

The lead coach for the Junior Performance squad is Angela Oliver. Swimmers will be members of HPK Swim Club and most will have graduated from Junior Development


Key Goals (Fundamentals and Learning to Train)

Swimmers at this level will be challenging for finals & medals at Junior Festival. As with Junior Development the key goals of this group are to consolidate drills which have been learnt and develop more complex drills.

Swimmers should be able to complete a 200 IM and know all four strokes, be able to do turns for all four strokes, know medley turns, and race starts. While the primary emphasis is on drills and skills there will be a start made on building the engine. This will mean that drills may be swum over longer distances. 



Weekday afternoons  from 5.45-8.00pm, as well as Tuesday and Thursday mornings 5:45-7:30am and Saturday Mornings 7:45-10am at Howick Intermediate. Swimmers need to attend 5 sessions per week


The Facility 

Howick Intermediate is an outdoor pool that is heated all year round. Swimmers need to come prepared for adverse weather conditions, we do still swim if it rains! A warm coat and woolly hat for immediately following training and having something with them to eat immediately after training will help. Another tip is to use a large plastic bag to line your bag to ensure you have dry clothes. 


Car Parking and Access

Swimmers under the age on 9yrs must be accompanied & collected from poolside.





To access the pool (red box) from the car park (yellow box), enter from the rear gate on Botany Road. There is a short walk straight across the grounds after which a left turn down a set of steps will take you to poolside. Alternatively, park at Howick Leisure centre.