Welcome to Youth Development

Mission: “To cultivate character, leadership, and life skills through swimming excellence.” We aim to achieve the coaches’ mission using a strong focus on developing skills and behaviors that support self-improvement

Lead Coach: 

Peter Yates

021 0229 2054


Swimmers will be members of HPK Swimming Club and most will have graduated from Junior Development. Most swimmers will be between the ages of 11 and 14 years. 

Key Goals (Train to Compete)

The key goal of this group is to perform well at Division II National Championships with a view to moving to National Age Groups if that is their preference. There will be further development and mastery of skills with a predominant emphasis on the aerobic system development. Athletes can expect this group to be a significant step up in terms of training intensity and focus for all swimmers coming from the junior programme. Athletes will touch on more advanced physical, technical & tactical skills. Skills of autonomy, independence & individual are introduced. This group is a critical component in our programme and is targeted as developing the future champions of the club.  


Weeknights 5.45-8.00pm and Saturday 8.30-11am Pakuranga College. Also we have Monday and Friday 5.45-7.45am at Howick Intermediate Swimmers will do a minimum of 3 sessions per week (up to 6 per week if they are aiming to graduate to the Performance stream). Strength and conditioning is included in your fees and run by our specialist S&C team of coaches and interns. One land training per week is strongly recommended.

Other contact details

  • Sally Yates (sally@swimgym.nz) for any questions on squad fees. 

The Facility

Pakuranga College is an outdoor pool that is heated all year round. Swimmers need to come prepared for adverse weather conditions, we do still swim if it rains! A warm coat and woolly hat for immediately following training and having something with them to eat immediately after training will help. Another tip is to take large plastic bag to line your bag to ensure you have dry clothes.


Car Parking & Access

Access is on Pigeon Mountain Road. Swimmers & parents are unable to use the school car park between the hours of 7:30am-4:30pm. Between these hours parents will need to park on the roadside or drop their kids at the gate on Pigeon Mountain road. Parents are not permitted to use the driveway. Swimmers under the age of 9 yrs must be accompanied & collected from poolside.

To access the pool (red box) from the car park (yellow box), walk along the main road to the rear gate and down the driveway where you will be able to see the pool. Prior to 7:30am and after 4:30pm the school car park (yellow box) can be used.