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Latest News

21st RBSC Swim Meet - Mantas

Bangkok RSBC The 21th RSBC overseas meet took place over the weekend of November 22-24th. We sent our biggest ever team of 52 swimmers...

By Henry Wright

CASA Short Course Championships

CASA Short Course Champ - Shing Mun Valley swimming pool - 10/11/19 A large number of SCAA swimmers from various squads participated and got...

By Henry Wright

Age Group Championships 2019

Hong Kong Age Group Long Course Championships at the Hong Kong Sports Institute from November 1st to 3rd, 2019 Harry Wright’s South China Athletic...

By Henry Wright

CASA Day 2 - Tai Wan Shan Swimming Pool

The CASA Age Group Meet Day 2 took part today at Tai Wan Shan swimming pool. A large number of swimmers from SCAA participated...

By Henry Wright

HWI Summer Swim Camp with Todd Schmitz

Performance and Development Swim Camp 5th-10th August West Island School Once again we were privileged enough to have Todd Schmitz, multiple U.S. Olympic Coach,...

By Henry Wright


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