Division 3 part 2 Short Course - REPORT

Beverly Wright

MEET REPORT ON DIVISION 3 (part 2) Short Course

Shing Mun Valley swimming pool

28th January 2023

Being the first competition just after the Chinese New Year, there were not too many participants.

All those who did compete impressed by working hard and improving their results. To improve personal best times is the main aim of the divisional competitions, motivating swimmers to master their racing skills.

Special congratulations to Lam Hin Shing Isaac on his Silver medal position in the 100m Breaststroke! πŸ₯ˆ

Detailed results: please see below. Full official results will be imported later this week.


AM session


13-14 Age group

Ho James On

50m Backstroke 36”68 29th

100m Breaststroke 1’22”58 19th


Colin Jones Jack William

50m Freestyle 31”52 85th

100m Breaststroke 1’28”88 32nd


Chan Yat Fung Evan

50m Backstroke 34”23 11th

100m Breaststroke 1’20”06 13th


Ma Tsz Kiu

100m Breaststroke 1’34”27 16th

50m Freestyle 32”52 7th


Bardiya Tulip

50m Freestyle 32”44 6th

100m Breaststroke 1’36”96 21st


Tong Ryan

50m Freestyle 31”64 86th

50m Backstroke 41”79 62nd


Yip Jayden Ngai Hei

50m Freestyle 33”79 110th

50m Backstroke 38”37 41st


Chiu Santiago

100m Breaststroke 1’39”01 51st

50m Backstroke 40”79 57th


Chan Ching Wilson

100m Breaststroke 1’27”43 29th


Popov Maksym

50m Freestyle 27”62 5th

100m Breaststroke 1’27”32 28th


15-17 Age

Chiu Victoria

50m Freestyle 36”36 19th

100m Breaststroke 1’36”46 10th


8 & under

Ip Chun Ting Silas

100m Breaststroke 2’30”85 57th

50m Backstroke 1’03”50 50th


Chan Tsz Kiu Zoe

100m Breaststroke 2’21”42 53rd

50m Backstroke 58”28 41st


Khoe Eloise

100m Breaststroke 2’18”72 49th

50m Backstroke 56”41 36th


Pong Cassidy

100m Breaststroke 1’58”61 16th


Shigehisa Eli

50m Backstroke 48”40 9th

100m Breaststroke 1’53”40 5th


PM session


11-12 Age group

Bostam Jonathan

50m Freestyle 31”28 17th


Chai Brady Rei

50m Freestyle 33”01 61st


Lai Joseph

50m Backstroke 43”10 56th

50m Freestyle 33”03 62nd


Tam Sean Sze Hon

50m Freestyle 35”73 112nd

50m Backstroke 41”06 40th


Chong Seu Kiu

50m Freestyle 32”94 14th


Furuta Lia

50m Freestyle 36”17 72nd

50m Backstroke 41”71 26th


Grabowski Athena

50m Freestyle 33”29 24th

50m Backstroke 40”93 21st


Wong Yik Man Mike

50m Freestyle 31”72 25th

100m Breaststroke 1’29”22 18th


Joe Shigehisa

100m Breaststroke 1’33”46 31st

50m Backstroke 39”96 29th


Man Harmony

50m Freestyle 33”87 35th

100m Breaststroke 1’35”38 21st


Cohen Riley

50m Freestyle 35”81 64th

100m Breaststroke 1’42”82 31st


Colin Jones Ava Elizabeth

50m Freestyle 35”63 57th

50m Backstroke 41”08 23rd


Tse Ching Long Deron

50m Freestyle 32”14 34th

50m Backstroke 44”66 72nd


Wai Aidan Kwan Hon

50m Freestyle 32”27 39th


Yau Chun Ting

50m Freestyle 36”27 121st

50m Backstroke 43”61 64th


Liem Ryan

50m Freestyle 35”62 110th

50m Backstroke 47”12 87th


Harrison Connor

50m Freestyle 32”36 42nd


Yu Brendan

50m Freestyle 41”47 144th

50m Backstroke 47”55 89th


Leung Christal

50m Freestyle 37”81 89th

50m Backstroke 44”01 45th


Cheng Horace

50m Freestyle 37”29 126th

50m Backstroke 44”89 73rd


Chiu Nicolas

50m Freestyle 39”13 133rd

50m Backstroke 44”06 67th


Noah Ducroquet

50m Freestyle 35”22 105th

50m Backstroke 40”87 38th


Marilyn Taheny

50m Freestyle 33”78 30th

50m Backstroke 40”98 22nd


Tong Ethan Shing Hei

50m Freestyle 34”85 101st

50m Backstroke 40”52 35th


Un Ruby

50m Freestyle 35”38 52nd


Yau Leanne Lok Kay

50m Freestyle 35”52 54th

100m Breaststroke 1’39”50 26th


Zhu Yangyue

50m Freestyle 32”30


Shah Kiana

50m Freestyle 37”00 76th

50m Backstroke 43”75 44th


9-10 Age Group

Wong Kin Hang

50m Freestyle 36”05 26th

100m Breaststroke 1’52”95 58th


Lam Hin Shing Isaac

100m Breaststroke 1’31”76 2nd πŸ₯ˆ


Xue Anya YinJia

50m Backstroke 49”90 58th

100m Breaststroke 1’55”57 52nd


Lee Hayward

50m Freestyle 38”43 61st

50m Backstroke 48”73 70th


Chai Tessa June

50m Freestyle 39”40 44th

100m Breaststroke 2’11”96 74th


Watanabe Halunobu

50m Freestyle 38”52 62nd

100m Breaststroke 1’58”11 79th


Sun Jasper Pak Hei

50m Freestyle 38”17 53rd

50m Backstroke 48”42 67th


Yip Jansen Jin Shan

50m Backstroke 51”52 87th


Duan Pei Yi Ina

100m Breaststroke 2’04”94 67th


Chiu Juliana

50m Freestyle 40”44 53rd

50m Backstroke 45”66 34th


Tse Javan Ching Wai

100m Breaststroke 1’53”66 61st

50m Freestyle 36”23 30th


Chan Alyssa Yung Tai

50m Freestyle 38”65 34th

50m Backstroke 49”60 55th


Sham Kasper

50m Freestyle 37”02 40th

50m Backstroke 41”69 13th


Wei Kate

50m Freestyle 37”92 29th

50m Backstroke 43”46 21st


Thank you for your hard work today, and for your cooperation: lets continue to work hard together!

Coach Chui

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