Beverly Wright


Dear Parents,

Here are few updates about the upcoming year for competitive swimmers – please have a read through the following points: any questions back to me are welcome!

  1. The HKGSA registrations for the Competition year 2023-24 will be coming up soon – full details will be sent to all parents - please look out for the emails about this in the next few days.

(the HKGSA is the HK Swimming Association and their ‘year’ runs from April 1st 2023 to end of March 2024). The HKGSA event calendar will also soon be available and sent out.NOTE: in preparation, please make sure your SCAA membership is valid and up to date or renew if necessary – this is because all swimmers are registered with the HKGSA under the SCAA club name.


  1. We will have some coach changes in the next few months due to various reasons.  Our wonderful coach Carli Botha will be leaving at the end of February to move to Europe with her partner.  Although we are very happy for her future, it will be a sad loss for our coaching team!

The following changes to Lead coaches will take place from mid-February after a ‘handover’ period.

SCAA GOLD – will be led by Coach Zento

SCAA BRONZE – will be led by Coach Arnon

WIS GOLD AND SILVER – will be led by Coach Scott

The coaching team will make the transition as easy as possible for all the swimmers – if parents can explain the change to their children this will help.

  1. We are excited to start running our own HWI sprint meets as well as introducing other opportunities for our competitive swimmers, now that Hong Kong has lifted restrictions.

We will start with a SPRINT MEET for our younger Development squads (Gold, Silver, Bronze) on Saturday February 25th : this will be hosted at West Island School from 5-7pm, and give our younger swimmers the chance to race and achieve personal best times.Entry details to be sent out soon!

  1. A select group of Performance swimmers will travel during March to the Singapore Senior age group championships.  The team of 9 swimmers will be accompanied by Michael Fasching and will be a fantastic opportunity for them to race at a high level.


  1. ANNUAL COMPETITION FEE 2023:  please note that we will bring back the annual competition/joining fee of $800 per swimmer. (except for swimmers of Club training squad at SCAA) Club Siena team swimmers – you will be contacted separately about this.


  1. The annual fee will include payment in advance for the yearly HKGSA registration + entry / penalty fees of local (not international) HKGSA age group and CASA meets as well as entry fees to HWI sprint meets. 


This fee will be added to your March-April invoice, as has been normal in the past.