Starts or Turns Video Clinics and Privates available this coming Oct 1 & 2

This coming Thursday Oct 1 and Friday Oct 2 we are offering small video clinics - 4 swimmers, or private video sessions on starts or turns.

The clinics will be 1 hour practical followed by a 30 minutes theory and will focus on 1 of the following options:

  • Individual Stroke Turns
  • I.M. Turns
  • Dive Starts

Price: $600 per person

Thurs Oct 1 - Coach Henry

Fri Oct 2 - Coach Chui

During the clinic swimmers will be filmed multiple times, receive feedback as individuals and as a group, and will be given a downloadable video file of their turns from multiple angles.

Parents, if 4 friends want to go together it would make organisation a lot easier on my behalf - please contact Coach Henry with the names of the 4 swimmers, the requested date and time. If the group would like to focus more specifically on one or two strokes, or would like a longer session it can be arranged.

If you are a single swimmer then please fill in this Google form and I will group together swimmers from the same level. I have requested to be able to contact using whatsapp as this will be a lot faster than e-mail, but appreciate that e-mail may be preferred.

If you want a private session please click here for all information regarding a one-on-one session.