Race Turns analysis:


Private (1 swimmer):

$1300 for HWI Swimmers

$1500 for Non HWI Swimmers

Semi Private (2 swimmers):


Annotation & Voiceover added directly to video (annotation added to only one turn per stroke on final video) - additional $200 per turn to above prices

Session time is 1 hour.

Due to social distancing measures the times this is available during the day are limited. The U/W analysis will NOT be available during any squad times due to the restrictions. Please sign up and request a time outside of squad timetable.

The standard turns analysis is traditionally for two strokes, but can be adapted for multiple, but will result in less footage of each stroke. These sessions are relatively flexible, and it can be discussed with coach in advance where the focus should be.

We advise the strokes to be in the following:

Back and Free

Fly and Breast

IM - Private sessions are much better for IM turns as there are a higher number of turns of varying complexity.


  1. Swimmer is recorded by stationary cameras under and above the water.
  2. The swimmer then comes out of the water and coach takes the swimmer through the strengths and weaknesses of their chosen turns.
  3. Swimmer then returns to the water for additional filming, dependant on time.
  4. Focus will then be given to turns. Swimmer can be filmed from 2 - 3 angles simultaneously.
  5. Within a week of the session you will be sent a USB with the edited footage from your session.

What you will receive:

Video - please see Fly & Breast (non annotated) example below. Annotated example coming soon.

Written feedback - Key points to work on and how to improve on all filmed turns.

USB and/or Google Drive download link.

Sign up here

Example video of Private Fly & Breast session: