Weekly News (Halloween Week)

Coach Corry Day

Hello to all Panther Swimmers,


One more week until swimfest 2022 is upon us. We currently have just over 1000 swimmers registered. This is going to be so exciting to have these events back up and running. Good luck to the 110 swimmers that will be representing ISB at this meet. If you’re not quite ready for a championship meet, then please sign up for the snowflake meet in December. This type of training meet will have you ready for our championships in no time.


Important Notes:


Swimfest tailgate party and spirit night:


Next Friday, November 11 we will have one swim practice for all ages at the 50 m pool. 25 m pool will stay where they are and have regular practices. In preparation for our big event, we will have an all-ages practice together. The upper classmen will mentor younger swimmers around everything you need to know for a swim meet.

Even if you are not entered in swimfest, please attend this practice if you have free time.

ES squads will start their practice as normal at 2:40. Then middle school and high school will join at 3:00.

We will discuss pre-meet nutrition, common errors made by newbies, and appropriate swim meet behaviors.



Thailand national qualifying opportunity:Patana feeding frenzy

It is my hopes that this year we take our largest team ever to the Thailand national championships. To qualify for these championships, and you need to swim qualifying times at special designated meets. Our first opportunity is at Patna on December 9-11. Deadline for this meet is approaching quickly, please contact your coach if you are unsure about your readiness for this event.


Swim meet fees and cancellation/scratches last minute:

It might not be common knowledge, but every swim meet has event fees. Most are 1000 baht per swimmer. At ISB we are happy to cover these fees. But what also needs to be known, if you cancel or withdraw three days prior to the meet we are still charged the entry fee. So moving forward, if anyone scratches from the meet last minute without a doctor’s note, those fees will now I need to be paid by the family. If there is a medical reason, all teams will waive the fees. So in the future please plan and look at your other active so that we don’t have to scratch last minute. Coaches take time making relay teams and entering your events, it’s not ideal for the team when we have a no-show. At the panther swim team we value commitment



Team events and meets available for sign up on our website:


BMAC SCM Championships Nov 26/27 at NIST


ISB ES Snowflake Meet (beginner Elementary swimmers) Nov 30 after school: 3:45

Patana Feeding Frenzy (LCM) Dec 9-11



See you on deck!


Coach Day,