Weekly News 2023 edition

Coach Corry Day

Hello to all Panther Swimmers,


Happy New Years everyone! Hope you had a great rest. We have a very busy January coming up. We need to get commitments to our London World Championships, we have registration for semester 2 this week and we need to cheer on our IASAS Athletes who are preparing for the big championships on February 1st. If you see the varsity team walking around give them a big “high 5” for luck.


Important Notes:


Registration for Semester 2 coming this week:

Please watch in the parent portol for the launch of semester 2 after school activities. For swimming you can register for the rest of the year at this time. We will not have two more seasons (just one). 

London trip is ready for commitment and up on the website:

The world school championships is an amazing event run by the same company that does all sports championships across the globe. The experience will be similar to what olympic athletes feel. The meet takes place in the amazing London Aquatics Center that hosted the 2012 olympics and is complete with media days and all the trimmings to make an experience of a lifetime. 

Costs for the trip: 

1. Team Registration (Panther Swim Team will cover this)

2. Athlete ground package 18,000-20,000 baht depeding on 3 star vs 4 star. This includes hotels, 2 meals and all transportation...plus some fun bonuses. See attachment for details.

3. Flights: ISB travel agent is working on flights. But will be in the 30,000 range max I am told. 

4. Your own spending money, which is up to you. 

Other details. We will travel with high school students and middle school students without parents. ES students must travel with a parent. If you wish to travel on your own flight wise, this is possible...just let me know sooner than later. I would suggest keeping the team together as it is the best experience. 

Will need to comit to this before the end of January. 

Swim Meets ready for sign up:


Panther Palooza Jr.  February 8th after school (2:40pm)

Panther Palooza Sr. February 9th after school (3:40 pm)

Bangkok Prep Bulldog Cup Feb 11/12th Thailand National Qualifying

World School Swim Championships: London, England May 11-15


See you on deck!


Coach Day,